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Realtor Broker and Matterport Tours7064

GFHoge private msg quote post Address this user
I have been busy in my market scanning for my competitors and it got me wondering. Are you aware if anyone had considered or discovered a site that is exclusively for Realtors with Matterport Spaces to stand out from and Zillow.

I was thinking that if they were put together by zip code, a buyer could do a “walk through” and avoid the pitiful 2D photos they are subjected to on other national sites. The buyer could contact the agent and leave the old-schoolers to their dated marketing ways.

Any thoughts?
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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
I like it...
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GFHoge private msg quote post Address this user
I know the pockets to do this must be pretty deep, but maybe if MP/Brokers/Realtors could put something together to draw buyers, we could create the next Zillow.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I maybe mistaken but I though Redfin had advertised that they had partnered up with Matterport. To do all of thier sales using Matterport similar to what your talking about. I have talked with several Redfin agents and that did not seem to pan out. So if a company as big as Redfin could not work that angle I am not sure how to bring about a single point of sale for Matterport tours, or one stop shop for buyers.
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ScenaVR private msg quote post Address this user
Plus Matterport automatically posts to
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Radie842 private msg quote post Address this user
Realtors already pay a ton of money to MLS and Zillow. I don’t think a VR specific site at a cost would interest them. Sorry
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MarkCantu private msg quote post Address this user
As a Broker...I find it amazing how difficult it is to sell to agents. I hear them moan and groan about how there clients will not show the home when requested, the client's house was dirty, etc... I tell them, "A Matterport Tour can help you resolve these issues, plus having some one go to their house can force them to declutter and put the property in it's best light." And then you get the cricket sounds from them because they don't want to spend any money. Oh, don't get me started.
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3SixtyNow private msg quote post Address this user
@ron0987 the Redfin agents that I have spoken to said their office has a camera. I think that when they find out it's not as easy as Matterport claims, they don't use it.
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