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Matterport ND Filter?7033

OpticMatter private msg quote post Address this user
Hi guys, I've been a lurker on this forum for a while, but this is my first thread.

I know there are some knowledgeable guys on here and I've been unable to find anything on this subject so far on the forum. Although if I've missed it then someone please feel free to redirect me.

We have been capturing properties in the UK and its just gone in to spring. So we have had some days of beautiful weather. Which is definitely not something we'd usually complain about in the UK, aha.

The problem is, that the high exposure obviously makes the camera struggle to gather data when we are in say a conservatory or an area with large windows.

I was wondering, does anyone know if there is an ND filter type attachment for Matterport cameras that would allow you to reduce the amount of light coming in?

Or, more notably, would something like this even work?

Many thanks in advance for anyone that takes the time to read this thread.

All the best,

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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
Don't think this is an option for you or the camera.
You might just have to shoot early in the morning or later in the afternoon or you could buy the $18,000 laser camera and that will fix it.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Welcome and thanks for posting.

Interesting question about adding a filter.

In theory, if you can add a filter that does the following, it might work:

1. Does not affect the photography
2. allows for IR to be sent and received

Otherwise, as @DouglasMeyers says, adjust your scanning so that light is not pouring into the windows. We look at a compass when we begin scanning so we know where the sun will be going and scan opposite to where the sun is.


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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
Dan your right if you could place the filter just over the three camera lenses would be best. A few others on the forum have placed ND sheets over the entire face which would also reduce IR system. Laser scanners do no better for photos, you get the data for the point cloud but photo quality is still lacking on extremely bright days.
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Property3dNZ private msg quote post Address this user
Hi there

I believe that there has been some discussion about this on the Matterport Facebook page and someone had successfully scanned using some kind of filter over the camera which easily "filled" these areas. I myself have been off work though so never got to see the final product of what the model looked like once completed. My colleague has been following this so I will check in with him once he is in the office.


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Property3dNZ private msg quote post Address this user

We went back through the FB page and it turns out that this does not work! Although it looked great while scanning on the iPad once the model came back it was incredibly distorted and all over the show. So it seems that the MP software couldn't handle what the filter had done. Therefore it is not recommended!
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