WGAN-TV Video: Part 1 of 2 | Rela Single Property Websites and 1-Click Flyers Platform with RELA CEO Mike Land

WGAN-TV Video: Part 2 of 2 | Rela Single Property Websites and 1-Click Flyers Platform with RELA CEO Mike Land (RELA Brochure Tool demo and discussion at 31:05 into the video)

Hi All,

Special Offer for We Get Around Network Standard and Premium Members

We Get Around Network Standard and Premium Members get the free use of RELA Photographer (white-label) for six months with a total of 6 free Single Property Websites.

Plus if you upgrade during the 6 months to a paid RELA Photographer (white-label), you will receive a bonus of 6 additional free Single Property Websites.

This special We Get Around Network offer is designed to give you time to feel comfortable using RELA and to see how you can make money with RELA for Photographers. For example, by (easily) creating and offering flyers, brochures and postcards. (See 31:05 in this WGAN-TV show for demo and discussion)

To receive this We Get Around Network Standard and Premium Membership Benefit, please see the WGAN Welcome Onboard Letter. Need the password? Please Private Message (PM) @DanSmigrod.

RELA Backstory for Matterport Pros

Are you a Matterport Service Provider searching for a lead generation, Single Property Website white-label platform for Matterport 3D Tours (and photos, videos and floor plans) that does not require Wordpress and can also (easily) generate flyers, brochures and post card to help you differentiate your business?

Watch these episodes of WGAN-TV Live at 5 | Part 1 | Part 2

Our guest on these shows are Newport Beach, CA based Rela CEO @MikeLand whom demos and discuss the Rela platform with a focus on how Matterport Service Providers like you can differentiate your service provider business and make money by offering the white-label version of the Rela platform.

Demo Style 1
Demo Style 2
Demo Style 3
Demo Style 4
Demo Style 5
More Demo Styles

RELA Features

✓ Single Property Website templates with Lead Generation
Property Brochures, Flyers & Postcards (super-easy and robust design options) 31:05 in video
✓ Mobile friendly
✓ Real-time analytics and lead management
✓ Automated Reporting (send scheduled visitor reports to clients (or team Members)
✓ Lead Capture built-in CRM for tracking and managing leads
✓ Option to purchase vanity URLs built-in
✓ Use your domain name
✓ Advanced analytics (pave views, visitor counts, social referrals)
✓ Unlimited photos
✓ Unlimited videos
✓ SEO built-in
✓ royalty free music
✓ Cloud Hosted (does not require Wordpress)
✓ Google Maps integration

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