Does anyone have any information or thoughts about reconciling Matterport terms of service with Google terms of service?

What I want to do is fetch my panoramas directly from Google Street View because they come through at a much higher resolution than the Snapshot downloads. Between MP and GSV, the terms of service leaves this in a contractual mess:

- By the letter of MP's TOS, you can only download images using an MP facility e.g. Snapshot BUT...

- the Matterport GSV service is an authorized MP facility for creating derivative works, right?

- Also, on its instructions for how to upload to GSV, MP says it's very important that you attribute ownership of the images either to yourself or your client

- Google's terms of service say that if you are the attributed owner of the image, it continues to belong to you after you've uploaded it and you can do whatever you want with it.

Obviously, don't want to run afoul of Matterport's TOS but it seems to me this issue is very muddy.

Anyone have any insights?