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How to Remove a Safe from a Matterport Scan6960

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Hi All,

A WGAN Member writes:



I never encountered a wall safe that we did not think about getting rid of in a scan. ... Can this ever be blurred out or whited out? Just figured I would ask the master (you) first.
I know...we should have covered it up but we just didn't think about it at the time.

If no work worries. I deleted the scans in the closet and added a mattertag sending them to the pictures we took in there where we photoshopped out the safe.

... see attached pic [above]



Hi All,

Since Matterport considers photoshoping a scan a violation of its Terms of Service, the solution the Pro proposed, covering the safe with a Mattertag and showing a re-touched photo seems to have solved the problem.

Hanging a picture might have been another option.

How would you have solved this challenge?


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htimsabbub23 private msg quote post Address this user
I'm still blown away there is no fix for this. This to me is number 1 on wish list!
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leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
But it is a unique selling point
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

I could imagine setting the camera low and to the left of the island so that the camera can not see the safe.

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Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
In this particular case, as it appears to be recessed, just cover with a rectangle of white poster board. BTW, I'd be an embarrassing owner of this place. All my clothes would barely fill one corner!
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3SixtyNow private msg quote post Address this user
I wasn't thinking about the safe when I scanned a Animal Hospital. They wanted to know if I could remove it from the scan. They don't want drug addicts to know where the drugs are kept. I had them cover it with a poster and re-scanned any position that had a view of the safe. I tried to make sure everything was in exactly the same place as the first scans. It worked great.
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angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
I’d probably go back and rescan it covered up. Providing a ‘Duty of Care’ service always adds value and repeat biz and recommendations.

Damn silly place for a safe though!
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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
Isn't posting the photo of a safe that the homeowner didn't want shown kind of defeating the point?
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jasondavidpage private msg quote post Address this user
I must have missed the ToS paragraph that is violated if you photoshop a scan point.
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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Dan,

Currently "covering the safe with a Mattertag and showing a re-touched photo" is a work around.

But JuMP team do have a planned project named "JuMP-PRE".
It is a pre-process tool for Matterport scans after photographer took scans in customer place and before they upload the raw data to Matterport server for showcase generation.

Friends can use JuMP-PRE to decode the RAW data from IPAD and do some pre-process to the RAW data and repack them in Matterport way and then they can upload the new RAW data to Matterport server for Showcase generation.

JuMP-PRE is the next project of our current project JuMP-UV.

If the owner of this "wall safe" showcase likes to try, would you please PM JuMP.
We will tell you how to get the RAW date from IPAD and if you can send the RAW data package to JuMP team, we will remove the wall safe for you for free and show it to be a POF of JuMP-PRE to all friends here.

If Matterport can read this post, JuMP team will like to share the idea with Matterport.
It would be so great if an official version of pre-process from Matterport can be released some day.
If not JuMP team will make it for sure.

Thank you so much.
JuMP team from Beijing China
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