3D Tour: Glam Gamer at iSimu VR in the greater Atlanta Area | Tour by We Get Around Atlanta Photographer Dan Smigrod


Google Street View Tour of iSimuVR | About This Art Project

Hi All,

While I am thrilled that I can publish my Matterport 3D Tours to Google Street View - super-easy-peasy - the GSV version still needed some ...

And, while there are many in the WGAN Forum Community that feel comfortable with a DIY Workflow that includes using Panoskin Pro or GoThru and Lightroom, I preferred to engage MP2SV (Chris Hickman with @Metroplex360) to provide this concierge GSV enhancement for me.

MP2SV did the following, and I will ask @Metroplex360 to share with us more that he did to help this GSV tour:

✓ Fixed the walk around experience - no walking through walls
✓ Added WGAN Nadir Logo Patch (created for me by TRESDEPRO)
✓ Batch processes images (sharpened, darkened for the mood of the space)
✓ Remove the camera reflection in two places

We are reprocessing/re-editing the Matterport 3D Tour (above) to mark all the "station" walls with the window trim tool (to prevent the viewer from walking through walls.) This will make for a much better walk around experience in the Matterport 3D Tour for the Client's website. While there is no cost to reprocess the model with the new trim marketings, it does mean a ton of work to redo the hidden scans and MatterTags. The end result those will be much, much better.

@Metroplex360 ... other things that you did to improve the Google Street View version of this Tour?