Hi All,

A WGAN Member is working with a real estate developer. The Developer seeks high-end CGI-Thrus.

Can you suggest a high-end service provider?

WGAN Pro writes ...


Here's the Project Brief:

Property developer seeks highly polished CGI production of off-plan property developments.

✓ virtual staging
✓ VR walkthroughs
✓ fly throughs on mobile and desktop
✓ Resort flyover

They can supply construction source files to assist production. Typical timings, prices and examples of similar work required. A resort consists of approx 30x properties, each property 1500 sq ft.

Not all properties require CGI but a selection of up to 10 for this initial project.


I did let the Pro know about:

InventiveCG @DannyBasting
Tosolini Productions @Tosolini

He asked for any additional recommendations for high-end work.

If you provide this service - or would like to recommend one - please Private Message me. Please do NOT post to this discussion.


Dan Smigrod (@DanSmigrod)
We Get Around Network, Founder