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How to build Matterport website in Wordpress6794

AnnekeCilliers private msg quote post Address this user
Hi there guys.

I am Anneke from South Africa. I have just started using my Matterport camera here in George, South Africa, and am perhaps a bit late catching on since you guys have been here for ages figuring out all the ins and outs.

I am finding it difficult making use of common Wordpress themes such as Screenr to get my models out there, and am wondering whether I should just hire a web designer to rather do it for me.

Any pro advice on how to load a model without using WP3D plugin would be great as I am still in the beginning stages of my business and do not want to spend too much on buying extra gear.

I'd rather keep it simple to keep my peace of mind. I know there's no guarantee on you guys and gals sharing your expert knowledge and experience here, but I feel I need to keep up to date in order to let my light shine out here on the web.

I am not too illiterate in using normal internet tools, but I am definitely not a programmer. I feel I need to organize myself a bit more before continuing on my own.

I would also like to know more about what needs to be done in order to get a map on my landing page which shows the addresses of my models. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance and support here.
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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
If you aren't versed in WordPress, I would consider hiring an expert. It will save you a lot of time. However, if you do choose to go it on your own with WordPress, here is a great little plugin by Chris Hickman (Metroplex360) that we use :WP Matterport Shortcode
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3dvirtualview private msg quote post Address this user
@immersivespaces will this add to WP3D or conflict?
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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
@3dvirtualview It's a completely separate plugin. I would recommend using one or the other. WP3D is more comprehensive and feature-rich, but the WP Matterport Shortcode is very easy to use and serves it's purpose well.
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3dvirtualview private msg quote post Address this user
@immersivespaces thank you
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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
Both work together well ... both totally different use cases. Ross's is great for creating rich pages that combine structured information with multiple media sources -- my plugin allows you to easily embed a space with a click-to-start in an overlay that appears over the site. You can also use a comma separated list of spaces to generate a wall of click-to-start thumbnails to build a gallery that is easy to browse.
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New Brighton, PA
frstbubble private msg quote post Address this user
@Metroplex360 Does putting multiple showcases on one-page bog down load times or hog resources?
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72724 7 7
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