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Transfer of Files to Client6787

Club Member
Brooklyn, New York
SpencerLasky private msg quote post Address this user
I'm not sure if this should be in an existing thread so apologies if so Dan.

I've been requested by client to basically not be the service provided I thought they hired, and thus priced accordingly, but they would rather hold the files and control the distribution so the only way I can do that and it seems possible is to get them a Matterport acct. Has anyone done that, develop a new account for a client and load your files shot into there account?

I'm setting up to do this now, as Matterport has said it's possible. On some level this is understandable as it's a Major Studio - however I've worked with the same major studio on other projects and we did not have this issue so it might just be driving via our producer.

Either way my feeling is on this one my best play is to just do it. However it goes against what I know to be rights of usage, service providing, IT rights, and what my fee was based on. While a short boiler plate contract will be used in the future so far my personal connection with the client has not required this, in fact on some level a contract can scare people off. The main thing was to introduce this technology to an industry niche which I have done. If we are at that point where contracts need to be signed prior that is fine, it will also mean a higher price tag from my perspective.

Thanks for any input on this matter, either in how to do it or in terms of the conversation it might raise in terms of do you give your files to a client to administer.

Spencer Lasky
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by @Spencerlasky
ah ok, since I have the creation files if I want to use it for further use or example I can re-upload it and get a new link, and pay. Well that sounds ok, some of the locations I shot do have second use potential. If you had it in your showcase on your iPad, I would assume since that is offline it would stay - unless you deleted it in which case you could not reload it.

So I think this is good, however in the future for a service of this nature I would structure the fee differently. This is what no photography really wants to do unless it's fair compensation.

This however is a positive I'll make it work.


If Major Studio means film/TV production, then they deal in intellectual property all day long. They are sophisticated buyers of intellectual property. On this one where you priced it one way and they want it differently, justing doing it for the learning experience may be helpful to you. That said, ask questions about why they want it in their own account.

Personally, I feel that you are missing recurring monthly review by placing the model in their Matterport account. So, yes, I would charge differently for transfer of the copyright versus granting them a non-exclusive license. At the very least, you want to retain the right to use the model in your portfolio.


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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
[quote@2Spencerlasky]Yes I do feel they know what they are asking for and it was a little surprising to me they want to "not pay" anything for this additional, and this might just be a producer tactic, probably is just to see how easy I cave.

However I have operated with out a contract till now for reasons I feel make sense, as said the more you require people to sign the more potential to them just in general shying away and we needed to build an in-road. Verbally I showed them and told them what it is but I think they have a lot going on and did not grasp it. Going forward this service will be included for an additional on a one-sheet pricing/contract boiler-plate.

Getting out of this situation will be fine, it's just a matter of organizing what I want to do and if I'm losing the models all together then I will need to consider it will just be the cost of reloading and processing, however I will only quote a fee not what I intend to do. I might have to look up location scouts photography agreements since this is similar in nature.

thanks so much for the feedback and help. I'm still building this and dealing with majors is stressful, it's fast paced and smart money managers but the artist among the team are all very happy with the product this camera creates. I was also able to do a large show in LA based on Matterport however we shot it also with LiDar and used photogrammetry for a higher resolution solution. The potential to use this tool in conjunction with other technology is very interesting.

Thanks for the backstory.

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