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Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
I was wondering what you guys are doing with your Facebook advertisements. Do you run target advertisements by creating a campaign or just drop it into your news feed and pray the worlds sees it?

The reason I am asking an agency has asked me how will they be able to see the Facebook clicks of the tour? Is it not better for them to create a landing page for the property and also do lead generation on there? Can also embed a pixel in there to do the tracking for retargeted ads.

I would also like to know better how to do it, as my one client's tour had over 19 000 views in under a month just using social media.They are moving away from property portals after using my products.

Looking forward from the community, I think there is a lot to learn.
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Maxdemartino private msg quote post Address this user
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Chi3d private msg quote post Address this user
I would just send them weekly/daily reports.
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Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
@Chi3d Hi, I want the clients to do it themselves. But I realized that their IT / marketing people actually don't know who to do it right.

Are you doing it on your clients' behalf or just send them the Matterport stats?

The Matterport reporting is not presentable. I know there is one of the competitors I saw a while back that had an amazing backend with reporting function. But can't remember whom it was.
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Nail Soup Media
Sarasota, FL
GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
@Gerhard If you run the FB ad you get analytics that you can forward to your client or you login and set up the add in their account then they can go and check a bazillion times and not bother you. How to run an ad is more than boosting. If anyone boosts they are wasting money and you get bogus likes and leads versus creating an ad with better parameters.

So the answer is set up in their account if you are just doing them a favor or set up a smarter ad in your account and forward to them.

At the moment I have vertigo so I may not be able to respond as quickly as I usually do. Next month I will have a WGAN facebook advertising system to show (how to do the ads smarter, set up drip campaigns, etc. both for you the MP to get business and for you to get your clients business)

Hope this helps
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3dvirtualview private msg quote post Address this user
@GlennTremain Great feedback Glenn!
You can always set up a Business FB Ad account and gain access to their page to build the ad for them using their credit card. Videos are great for retargeting to gain your leads however you would want to send them to a lead magnet of some sort congruent to your video. You can retarget to 10% watched, 30%, 90% depending on how targeted you want the retarget. Remember though less and less people watch the complete video. I have not tried a Matterport video ad yet however will in the near future to test.
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Nail Soup Media
Sarasota, FL
GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
@3dvirtualview yes and no. Using a teaser is short enough. Its what you say that can get higher conversion. Videos should be short and sweet with a hook. Long videos, I agree, don't work.

FB business ads I have found the client not being able to use as well and end up coming back to you to explain. play with it to see what works best for you and the type of clients you have.
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