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Matterport getting started....6707

mjstef private msg quote post Address this user
I've been doing a bunch of reading here but have some direct questions I want to ask. Links to pertinent threads are great as well. I will be mainly using this for vacation home rentals, resorts and some realtor work. The closest person I can find with a Matterport is about 200 miles away so until someone else buys one their is no competition. (I live in a rural area that 65% of homes are vacation homes and 1/3rd of those are vacation rentals)

#1, Difference between the Pro2 3D and the Pro2 3d Lite. It looks like the only difference is battery life other than the cheaper processing fees and free credits. The cheaper fees and free credits would be a wash on price if I did around 80 scans in 12 months.

#2, Pricing. I know this will depend on area of the country but what would a person charge for a 1,500 Sq Ft vacation cabin on a lake? Will this camera do decent exterior tours and do they integrate with the dollhouse view at all? I haven't seen many exterior examples and the virtual tours done here now do have exterior tours so this is a must. How about the average 2,000 Sq Ft real estate listing?

#3, Garages. I have looked at dozens of tours and rarely see the garage done. Is their a reason for this?

#4, Hosting. I was thinking 6 months free hosting and then a yearly fee after this. What do people do for hosting long term?

#5. Rental move in scans. Would their be a market to do a quick scan on an empty rental to compare to move out conditions for damages?

#6. Motels. How would you bill out a motel? I have a customer with a 20 unit destination motel interested in signing depending on price.

#7. Best Ipad to start with. Currently no Apple products in our household and I am hoping they are not such a pain to operate like they used to be. What's a good startup unit?

I guess this is enough for now. Thanks for any replies.
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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
@mjstef Just my opinions here...

1) Go with the Pro 2 3D. If you are the only MSP in your area, your margins will grow rapidly and the overall savings for having the paid plans will be worth it.

2) The average target pricing is between 8.5¢ and 12¢ per sq ft. Personally, I use a sliding scale based on the size of the property. The larger the property, the cheaper the price. I scan a lot of vacation rentals and most sit around the 10¢ per sq ft range.

3)I typically don't scan garages because they are usually terrible.

4) I do free hosting for 6 months and then charge a small $3-5 fee per month recurring afterward. Most agents like to keep the models live to use on listing presentations, especially if the property is nice. Auto-billing credit cards make the recurring payments easy.

5) I have one client that like to do these for several units, but other than that, I have not found it to be a popular offering.

6) I charge per sq ft, even on hotels and multi-unit properties. I'll use a cumulative sq ft to calculate the rate.

7) I personally use the iPad Air 2 on our system and it works well. Get one with the most available storage as you will fill it quickly and Matterport has yet to provide a viable backup system.
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