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Atlanta House Wanted: $9K-$15K 3-Day Shoot6648

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
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A production company - for a major US brand - writes:


Hey Dan ---

Since it seems like you might have access to other locations, in addition to that original house, I thought I would send you all the details of my project. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to talk early next week.

Here’s what I originally reached out [to you] about:

A modest yard with or without a patio (preferably with some sort of patio) that looks like it could be owned by a 30-something couple. I’ve seen the Atlanta bungalow (360ºs exterior) and something like that would be perfect! Yard should look green and clean.

We’d be shooting 1 video: 6 Budget-Friendly Tricks to Help You Throw the Best Outdoor Parties of the Season

It’s a 2- minute video. Similar to something like this in approach: [redacted]

It’s a how-to web video, sponsored by [redacted].

✓ Minimal to no audio will be recorded.
✓ We would also need access to some indoor space, should it rain and to do some insert shots – which would just be close-up’s of hands working on DIY projects.

Crew: 10, includes clients
Cast: 2 for most of the day, additional 4 for 3-4 hours of shooting

2 days: 1 day for setup and prep, 1 day for shooting.

But, this whole project is actually for 3 videos and I had originally planned to shoot the 2 interior videos in NYC but now I’m also wondering if it makes sense to shoot it all in Atlanta at once. I’m curious if you think I could find a spot that fits the bill for all 3 videos.

Here’s the info on the other 2 videos:

1. 7 Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Your Kitchen Cabinets
2. Debate Settled: The Best Way to Load Your Dishwasher

These are also short how-to videos. And I’m looking for a kitchen similar in spirit and style to the attached image (please see below). Requirements for the kitchen are a bit more involved:

✓ We need the kitchen to have a dishwasher and we need permission, with the expertise of our handy-person/contractor, to swap out the dishwasher. We will put the original dishwasher back as we found it. Alternatively, we may be able to give the location the new dishwasher from Lowe’s.

✓ We also need permission to install these 2 organizing caddies in the cabinets. Again we can put the cabinets back as they were or leave these caddies intact for the owner.

1-tier cabinet cleaning caddy
Pull-out cabinet pot and lid organizer

The cabinets in the location need to be completely custom built or from a brand sold at Lowe’s (Kraftmaid, Diamond, Shuler, Shanendoah etc) but for example, they can’t be Ikea cabinets.
In addition, we would prefer the location of the dishwasher to not be directly across from something that is not moveable, like an island that doesn’t move.

For this portion of the shoot:

Crew: 10, includes clients
Cast: 2

If we can find a location that could accommodate both the INTERIOR and EXTERIOR videos – 3 videos in all – then I think we could do 3 days total, back to back, and get it all done.


I actually have no idea what the location fees look like for a home in your area. In NYC, for a home, we usually would do Airbnb or Peerspace and rates vary from $300/day to $3000+/day depending on where and what we were looking for. Studios similarly vary wildly. It’s web video, so the budget’s not commercial/tv, but it’s a branded project so I do have some budget. I would love to get a sense from you, based on what I’ve laid out here, what you think I should be prepared to spend. Thank you!

Dates: week of 4/9 is ideal. 4/16 doable.

Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you!

[Name and Contact info redacted]


If you, a friend, a client, a client's client meets the above criteria, please Private Message me.


Please do NOT post to this topic.


We Get Around Network, Founder


"And I’m looking for a kitchen similar in spirit and style to [this] image.”
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
This opportunity is still available as of 6 pm ET Saturday, 24 March 2018. Thanks, Dan
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