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Has anyone monotized a tour?6622

VirtualView private msg quote post Address this user
I have a client who would love to do a virtual tour but needs for it to be monetized. The client owns a very high profiled “museum” but doesn’t have an official website besides through facebook. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a proper way to charge per tour visit without having the link be available to the public after awhile.
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
I am also looking for a solution. As far as I know, there is no secure solution, yet. Here is a dummy example.

Does anyone know a solution?

This museum could need an extra source of income and I think there is many, many more museums out there...

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808virtually private msg quote post Address this user
Create a private page on your website with password. Sell the password.
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Peterborough, U.K.
angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
@MeshImages where is the paywall feature? The tour loads on a mobile as normal with no paywall request.

Also, I tried going between floors using the ‘floor’ expanding menu but it didn’t work.

Using iPhone 7 Plus if need compatibility check.
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VirtualView private msg quote post Address this user
I’m trying to figure out how to make it work closer to renting a video online. You get so much time to view the content before its inaccessible to the purchaser. That way people simply can’t pay once, copy and paste the links out to the world to see.
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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone,

JuMP team's new application JuMP-UV will be your choice.
The purpose of JuMP-UV is to protect photographers' contents from the TOS risk from Matterport.
It can be used to protect your contents from unallowed sharing also.

Let me explain more here:

Normally any Matterport showcase is an url like below:
The 11 characters length "Re2dgaSVCRj" is the IDcode of the showcase.

Acturally it is encrypted already, no one can calculate any of available IDcode from zero.

But if you show them to others even if it was only once. It was posted to public.
Any one can write down the IDcode and review it any time any where just add "" in front of it.

You have one way to make it avilable only once.
For example: Make some copies of that showcase in your matterport account any copy of the showcase would have a new encrypted IDcode, and you can delete the original one and the other copies that were posted already to viewers.
Give one new IDcode to your viewer and deleted it after this viewer's visit.

But this way is a little comlex and can't meet the requiement of high volume viewers.

JuMP-UV will provide you a cover of your showcase with an accesscode and hide the post of your orginal IDcode to normal visitors. (There is not way to hide any thing to a hacker in this mode.)

In JuMP-UV v1.0 (will be released soon) you will be able to set the accesscode after login our JuMP-UV setting page. So the old accesscode is not available after you change it in JuMP-UV setting page.

And in JuMP-UV v2.0 (We plan to released in Jun.2018) you can set a formula to calculate the accesscode from Time(GMT) and Visitor's IP address. So that the code is not available out of the time period that you set and also not available for other visitor's IP address.

But how to stop hackers?
The way that make many copies of your showcase is one way to stop hackers. But it is a little complex.
Another way is to set your showcase to private showcase in your Matterport account.
Set up one user have the only right to access this showcase in your Matterport account.

After that you must tell your visitor the user's name and password so that this visitor can login to visit it.
But to show the login process of isn't good to your visitor, right?
With JuMP-UV v1.0 your user account and password for this private showcase will be told to your visitors automatically.
JuMP-UV v1.0 will provide a different way for login of and make it unnoticeable.

And you can change the Matterport login password of that user when you want update the protection to stop access from a potential hacker.
After this change you can update the setting in JuMP-UV setting page, and your new coming normal visitors will receive the updated password automatically when they open your showcase page.

All in all, JuMP-UV will provide you two levels protection to your showcase during the page openning peroid of your showcase.

Sorry for my bad English, it is not my home tone.

But if any of you can provide one private showcase with the username and password (The showcase should not be a real private one, just a private copy of one of your public normal works is OK. And that user should have the only right to view this private copy.) to JuMP team. We can make a DEMO within next week.

You can also refer below post about the JuMP-UV.

We believe with JuMP-UV you can sell e-ticket to any visitors and without the worry about your content can be accessed by unallowed peoples.

BTW JuMP team's advice to the photographers who want to use the high technology of Matterport but don't want to lost their full control to their works please make your showcase private from the first day. Even in the risky version of TOS from Matterport (version Feb.2018), if you never set your showcase to public (that means you must set it to private from the first day) Matterport won't have that rights to use your works.

Thank you.
JuMP team from Beijing China
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Shakoure private msg quote post Address this user
@808virtually Sounds like an option... until the people purchasing the password start sharing or selling it themselves. The passwords would have to be associated with an email sign-in or unique user ID.
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72902 7 7
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