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MSP acronym:Fingernails on the chalkboard6569

Nerdvice451 private msg quote post Address this user
I will make this short. I hate the MSP acronym and I hate being referred to as an MSP or a Matterport Service Provider. Service providers fix pipes, make us food, and change the oil in our cars. Without going into the details of what Matterport is or is not; the essence of what we are doing is photography. We would never call ourselves Cannon or Nikon or NC Tech service providers. I don’t know about the rest of you but we consider ourselves to be 3D Capture Professionals or you can just call us 3DCPs, if you like acronyms. So perhaps everyone should give this a little thought and see if you would rather be called a 3D Capture Professional instead of a Matterport Service Provider?
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Chief Photographer

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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
Chief, cook, and bottle washer
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Narvan891 private msg quote post Address this user
Used to be a "Field Service Photographer" back in the early MLS Tri-X days (at least according to International Graphics!)Now me and the crew go by Reality Capture Agents...
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Richierichks private msg quote post Address this user

The title on my business card is "Chief Spin Doctor"
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3dVuz private msg quote post Address this user
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lifelikeview private msg quote post Address this user
I specialize in Charlie Work
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srennick private msg quote post Address this user
Proud to be a Matterport Service Partner. We are providing a service to the clients we serve. There is so much more service involved when you hand over a virtual tour to a client. It's an ongoing relationship if we use the 3D technology, the deliverable, to its fullest capability.

Also, we are bound to the Matterport ecosystem, so why not be a partner with them? Partner also speaks to the idea of partnering with the client, to come- on- board their team to support their marketing efforts.

My hope is that the Matterport brand will become so main stream to marketers and business owners that everyone around the globe recognizes the Matterport name. I am waiting for the day a commercial for Matterport comes on the television during the Superbowl, promoting our services to local and global business owners.

How about Matterport Trusted Photographer?
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