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360 Rumors (5 March 2018) Giroptic closes its doors; what it means for the 360 camera industry

A segment from the article:

Giroptic, one of the pioneers in the 360 camera industry, announced that they are closing today. Here is my analysis on the reasons for their closure, and what it means for the 360 camera industry.

Giroptic has been in the 360 camera industry since 2008 and they created several 360 cameras, and more importantly, paved the way for YouTube to add 360 video support in 2015.

Their announcement took me by surprise. As recently as January, I met with CEO Richard Ollier and Chief Product Officer Matthieu Grosselin, and they were moving forward with their 3D 6DOF software. They also showed me a prototype of a new camera that they were releasing this year, which would have 4K resolution.

Source: 360 Rumors