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March 4, 2018 ... A Day to March Forth on Your Dreams

Hi All,

I am the Founder of the We Get Around Network. I make a living running this free, online Community to help you Succeed Faster.

When I bought my Matterport Camera in July 2014, I set out to do three things:

1. Become a subject matter expert on all things Matterport (and now the broader space)
2. Share what I learned openly and in abundance
3. Help raise all boats: generating revenue for the Community

By sharing what I learned, I figured other Matterport Camera buyers would discover the We Get Around Network Forum, when they used Google to search for: Matterport Forum. Matterport Community. Or, a deep-link search among the WGAN knowledge base (45,000 posts among 6,200 topics).

When we launched the WGAN Forum in August 2014, it was just two of us: Mike our Forum tech and myself. Today, we have 14,300 Visitors resulting in 95,200 page views monthly. And, much of the WGAN knowledge base today comes from some of the 3,700 Members in 100+ countries.

And, that's all free! And, there are more than a dozen benefits simply for joining the free We Get Around Network Forum. (Join Free)

So, how do I make a living running a free, online Community in service to Matterport Service Providers (whom are now also Google Street View Pros)? Hundreds of free WGAN Forum Members - 3D Tour Photographers like you - join as Basic, Standard and Premium Members to Succeed Faster.

We also get paid by Camera/Platform companies and 3rd Party Service Providers because the We Get Around Network has reached critical mass of 3D Tour photographers to showcase their products and services.

So, I MUST always be obsessed with helping 3D Tour photographers Succeed Faster. And, at the head of that list are 3D Tour photographers that are WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members.

The Flywheel Effect for WGAN is a loop that includes:

✓ Great Content
✓ Leads to more WGAN Visitors (Seeking WGAN content)
✓ Leads to more WGAN free Members (seeking 12+ free benefits, including posting privileges)
✓ Leads to more WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members (seeking 40+ Benefits including inbound leads)
✓ Leads to Find a Matterport Service Provider / Google Street View Pro / Related Photo/Video Services (and Camera/Platform Companies and 3rd Party Service Providers

Helping Members Succeed Faster is the most important thing I can do. So, it is always an easy decision to help amplify your voice. Amplifying your voice in the last two weeks resulted in positive change.

This obsession - helping your Succeed Faster - amplifying your voice - resulted in record-breaking:

✓ More Visitors
✓ More Page Views
✓ More New Members (free)
✓ More New Members (paid) (40+ Membership Benefits | Compare Plans |
✓ More In-bound inquires from 3rd Party companies, Camera/Platform companies, strategic alliance partners

When you think about your business, what are you obsessed about? What does your Flywheel look like?

Knowing who is your Customer and obsessing over your Customers will help you Succeed Faster.

This may seem obvious, but it not obvious to everyone.

Today is March 4, 2018 ... A Day to March Forth - be obsessed - on Your Dreams!


Dan Smigrod
We Get Around Network
Atlanta, Georgia USA Flywheel | Image courtesy of How Does Your Flywheel Turn? Author Jim Collins