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Oops, they [Matterport] did it again?6533

jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
I read this in a post in the MOUG in Facebook:

" Just noticed that the TOS was changed again...

This time no emails, no notifications..

Instead of camera it says “vision imaging system” ..."

Should we suspect any second intention behind this move? Just in case I have made printscreens of all places where they say that they are selling a "camera"

Perhaps they are trying to dispute in court our rights as photographers, altough I don´t think it would fly as an argument because it is very clear that the thing called Matterport is, indeed, a camera and they have sold a lot of them calling these devices "cameras"

Any comments?
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imad private msg quote post Address this user
I was just reading that exact post, last time matterport kept telling us that we're confused and we misinterpreted matterport's intentions, and that they spoke to their customers about their intended changes to the TOS and the "Majority" of their "Customers" said they don't mind ... they kept pressing with this mindset until it reached inman ... then all of the sudden Matterport declared that they're sorry and it looks like "we didn't speak to enough customers" .. !!!
But to go back and slip the change silently after just a few days ...!!
That left me speachless.
I think that it doesn't matter how good the product is and how successful the company is right now because nobody will accept that .. they're just ignoring all of our problems.

Piece of advise:

Dear Matterport (i know you're reading this), we want you to succeed but we looking to that together .. and they you're dealing with you MSPs doesn't actually helps .. so please be aware that You're not google .. until you become one, don't act like one.
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Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
@jfantin That is not all you must see the amount of post they removed from that forum just today. I was in awe. They have also stopped commenting and the moderators went all silent. So just shows you somethings up again. Crying wolf Nah I don't think so. Smelling a lot of cows...

I wish this crap can just stop now. I like a lot maybe all of you using this tech has a lot riding on this company. Yes don't put all your eggs, hen and the dead horse in the same basket I get it.

Will wait to see what the guys on here think that has a legal team in place what the comments are. I am so sick and tired of this. Just want to focus on business but how can you if you don't know what the next move is going to be or how the long-term effect is going to be.

I wish their investors can read all this on the forum and not the scripted MOUG page showered with roses, daffodils and angels wings.
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
This is the answer that I received after asking Bill Brown about this issue:

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Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
@jfantin Are you happy with your answer? To be honest I don't really care for the BLK integration. Waste of time and money. I do not think that this was the answer we are looking for. And also its, not a service very high on the wishlist of thing we need.
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
The LEICA BLK360 is known as an 'Imaging Laser Scanner'. It would be just as much of a misnomber to call it a camera as it has been to call the Matterport a camera.

Vision comes from 'Computer Vision'.

Imaging -- again, LEICA is using it. Makes sense.

System - is because it's not a singular scanner -- it's 3 packaged together as a system...

Sounds like a more appropriate name.


A couple of other things to note - Matterport is now using the term 'True3D' for what they capture. This is great too as many of people are claiming that their product generates '3D Tours' when it does not.
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
@Gerhard, this answer, alone, does not mean a lot. All this will have to be considered in context once we receive the new TOS and further explanations from Matterport about where the company is going and what will be our role as MSPs.

@Metroplex360, you are right, the LEICA is called an Imaging Laser Scanner. Technology is evolving too fast and the means to obtain images have changed as well from the original concept of a camera obscura to the modern technology of registering bites on a sensor and then place that info into a memory device for further processing. In Matterport's case there is not only visual information but also "spatial" information that allows the construction of a "true 3D" experience - and I agree on that other solutions based on panoramic images do not provide a 3D representation of the place.

Nonetheless, the whole idea of registering visual images for others to view them after some processing, in my opinion, falls within the definition of a camera if you expand your definition beyond the Kodak idea of what a camera is or should be.

Anyway, how you, me or anyone, including Matterport, calls it doesn´t change what is behind and the definition of who owns what and for what purpose. This is what will be discussed on and on, not only with Matterport but with all the tech ecosystem worldwide because things have changed enormously in the last 20 years and the whole idea of copyright will be revised.

To be honest, I never read the TOS of any of the gadgets or tools that I have bought in my entire life, and Matterport was not an exception. But I do care about something that for me is paramount: each player in the value chain has to receive a fair share according to its contribution to the value creation process, and this value distribution has to be discussed every time any of the players decides to expand his territory or thinks that he deserves more than what originally was receiving.

I am in favor of expanding the possibilities of showing Matterport models to the world and with that creat more value for us in terms of marketing, but I am also concerned with the possibility that someone, probably Matterport, will get a bigger part without sharing it with the creators.

I know you don´t like the Nikon analogy, but let me tell you this: If Nikon where to publish all the photos taken with their cameras in a huge on-line photo gallery, like a giant youtube for photos, I wouldn´t mind it as long as I receive a payment everytime a photo is watched, downloaded for private use, or whatever.

I think that if Matterport offers us a way to share the value created with their "ecosystem", and at the same time allow us to consult with our customers to decide if the public availability of the model doesn´t violate someone´s right to privacy, then everybody will be more than happy to participate.

It is a matter of being fair and not greedy. It is a matter of being polite and not bully.

My main concern when I read the change from camera to vision imaging system, considering the timing of the change, was that they were preparing the terrain for another imaginative TOS wording.

The answer from Bill Brown is correct, but limited and doesn´t disclose much. But he said that this week they will issue explanations, so let´s wait and then see what´s next.
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imad private msg quote post Address this user
Reference to my post above i believe i owe Matterport an Apology as i rushed to express my anger about them changing the TOS silently, based on a misinformed Facebook post on MOUG.
But it turns out later that TOS was actually rolled back and never changed.

However the reason i was angry (like most of us i think) was because we saw that Matterport's approach to the long waited echo system was going to cause a lot of trouble for all of us MSPs and for Matterport as a result, and because Matterport insisted on keeping all our work attached to it so at the moment Matterport is hurt we're all going to get hurt badly as well.

I really hope Matterport will soon show the appreciation this relationship deserves, because the way i see it is either we succeed together or we fail together, and we didn't invest to fail (neither Matterport did), but since Matterport's actions will affect all of us so i hope they'll be much more careful next time, and consider working with us (MSPs) as a team rather than acting as a company offering a product were it's customer use it happily ever after and never return to the company unless it's product broke or something.

Thank your Matterport for rolling back the TOS and we're looking forward for the echo system that'll benefit both of us.

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