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"... equivalent system to Matterport?"6477

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A WGAN Member sent me this message (below) ...

How would you reply?

Related/Helpful ...

We Get Around Guest Columnist Paul Collart (@pcollart) writes about Cameras/Platforms in this We Get Around Network Blog post:

Guide to Comparing 3D-VR Platforms for Scanning-Shooting Homes

An easier-to-read - 38 page .pdf version is available - free - to We Get Around Network Forum Members. See your WGAN Forum Welcome email from me

This Guide is the single most comprehensive comparison of 3D/VR Camera/Platforms for real estate.




Hi Dan... this might be a crazy idea... but has anyone you know of thought about developing an equivalent system to Matterport? Taking all that is great about the system and hardware and building on it... making a white label version available... etc etc...

It would seem to me that in WGAN... we have a ready made crowd funding opportunity?

Just an idea...

Matterport is clever... but they utilise various tech and systems that are not really rocket science and could be replicated with the right funding and desire.

Elon Musk just sent a car into space... the idea above is not so far fetched...

Interested in your thoughts?

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htimsabbub23 private msg quote post Address this user
Dan you know all the members and what they have to offer better than anyone else. I'm sure we have enough brains to get this off the ground and enough not so smart people like me willing to invest. To be able to host our own tours or at least download them for future hosted viewing would lead to a whole new world of opportunities.on top of that all the third party apps that could come with this. The right team put together would make this project explode like matterport was supposed to
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for your kind words. This is a weekend that I need to feel some Much appreciated.

I happen to the Matterport Ecosystem: I just do NOT like how it is forced on us.

@Metroplex360 sums it up nicely in this related WGAN Forum discussion:

For Matterport Employees That Are Upset Too

Originally Posted by @Metroplex360

I think that Matterport should roll back the terms of service to 18 Feb 2017 -- because I believe that all of this could have been accomplished without the TOS being amended and without scaring everyone. Matterport have great ideas, just reckless methods to accomplish them that ultimately won't make much of a difference to all of the people who are scared and angry.

I believe that there's a way to accomplish everything you've said without compromising a SINGLE BIT of what Matterport intends to do with their amazing opportunities that they are going to be creating for all of us in the future.

I think there was no reason to scare the community with a TOS change that seemed to focus on CONTROL.

I think that in reality, while the TOS contains a lot of questionable ideas -- the actual purpose of this all is in NO WAY detrimental to any of us.

I think there was a better way and I hope that Matterport consider revising their TOS in such a manner that every single one of their brilliant ideas are still possible without cutting the MSP out of the process.

I want to be very clear -- I believe there was a better way to do this, I'm not worried at all about the current situation and I'm not angry at Matterport. I just wish that this wasn't how the Matterport Ecosystem debuted.

As I stated in that same WGAN discussion asking Matterport Employees to email to their Supervisor, CEO, Board Members and/or VCs:

1. Roll back the terms of service immediately to 18 February 2017
2. Develop a plan to offer our customers compensation for their intellectual property
3. Give our customers the option to opt-in either by Space, Folder of Spaces or all.
4. Whatever you do to make this right, the default can not be all content is opted-in
5. Develop a Code of Ethics (Includes: "We will not mine our customer's data to solicit their clients"
6. Apologize to our customers.
7. Back up the apology with something of value (hosting, processing, GSV publishing)
8. Act swiftly
9. Be transparent. That was sneaky using the "Continue" Button to be the "Accept New Terms of Service"
10. Hold a Town Hall asking our team what can we do to restore the trust of our customers?

The apology could be backed-up with a white-label version of Matterport for Matterport Service Providers. They can charge us extra for it, but give us the first 12 months of white-label at no charge to back up the apology.

The above all seems doable, practical and realistic to me.


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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Another WGAN Forum Member sent me this message in response to the anonymous post above. S/he gave me permission to post here.



I like the idea of exploring this! Obviously there would be issues to overcome with who owns what and perhaps even having to start a new company. But as a seed of an idea it does sound good to me.

I haven't responded publicly as it seems to me there are quite a few MP spies in the group, and excuse me for saying it, but I feel quite a few Matterport [redacted]-kissers who would be only too quick to go running to Matterport to discuss what is going on!
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Marc private msg quote post Address this user

Listening to your message and reading all the news recently is making me think that, as one of those on the sidelines of the MP world but an active Google Trusted photographer, I made the right decision to not invest in this tech to date. Maybe this whole debacle will actually help.

In another community that I stay connected to, they've launched a cryptocurrency specific to the platform to ensure both compensation and copyrights for content creators are protected and encouraged.

Today, the real assets in business are data and content-driven. What it seems though is that the 'tool producers' are trying to do is hang on to whatever IP they develop but forgetting that unless their army of producers keeps producing, they're worthless. Of course, some of them will bank on just finding another source of content producers. That's essentially what Google has been doing by loosening the standards on becoming a Google Trusted Photographer.

Matterport could easily go the way of GoPro in a hurry - there's plenty of R&D happening in the space, unless maybe they're up for sale?
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