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My 5 Minute Talk: I Never Mention Matterport6474

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

WGAN-TV We Get Around WalkAround Presentation on 29 Sept. 2014 (No Mention of Matterport)

Hi All,

Are you selling Matterport or your brand?

Originally Posted by @GlennTremain
[See this WGAN Forum Discussion]
Spread your business risk by NOT just doing Matterport and if the winds change to the next best thing and people are turning to you asking “what else to got?” You have 2 or 3 other things to sell them that might not be as cool but are just as marketable and with the help of we get around will be more viral.

Forgive but not forget and let this be the wake up call that you need to be the craftwork behind the things behind what is being used to market not just Matterport.

I bought my Matterport Camera is July 2014. In my presentation on 29 Sept. 2014 to hundreds of Atlanta Technorati, I never mentioned Matterport.

I shared a similar story in a WGAN Forum post earlier today (25 February 2018) about my chat with @AerialLook CEO Robert Koenekamp on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on 13 September 2017:

Robert: "Don't worry about Matterport, don't worry about the camera, who's got the best camera. Worry about what you're doing and what you're offering, and the product and service that you're creating, and honing on that and continue to innovate it. If Matterport is the best tool for the job then great. But there'll be other tools that will be better in the future. Your business shouldn't ride on Matterport. It should ride on you, on what you do and what you hustle."

Should you be promoting Matterport or promoting your brand?

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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
a Week ago I would have said both, but today I most definitely say my brand.
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Liam_Tayler private msg quote post Address this user
I mention Matterport as little as possible... now I will probably stop using it!
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
Just my two cents here:

Teodore Levitt used to say that when you go to a hardware store looking for a drill, what you really are looking for is a hole in your wall.

You don´t purchase a drill, but a hole.

So the company that sells drills, doesn´t have to think that it is selling a drill but a mean to make a hole.

I don´t sell Matterport. I sell the improvement in the possibilities of selling a home faster by reaching a new audience that has not the time or opportunity to make an actual visit to the place.

In certain ocassions, Matterport is perhaps the best tool, and in others it is not (for example, industrial properties of 80,000 sq ft where you cannot make a model with hundreds and hundreds of scans, not only for technical reasons but also for time constraints)

So. the answer is: you shouldn´t sell Matterport. You should sell whatever you think that you are offering that adds value to your customer. Because your customer doesn´t purchase a Matterport model, he probably will purchase the possibility of selling that property better or faster.

Now, sometimes, because a competitor is advertising Matterport, you have to mention it as well. This is different: your customer demands a certain brand and you have to deliver ("do you do Matterport models?" "Yes I do, and I also do this and that" )

But your primary brand should be your own. The brand of your equipment is secondary. A good photographer will never sell a Nikon photograph! He will sell his prestige and will show his portfolio as proof.

We talked about this many times before. I remember writing in this forum that I never mentioned Mattertags and that I always mentioned the word "digital tags", because I didn´t want to mention Matterport. And I always demanded a white label version of the models, without the Matterport brand all over the place.
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