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Getting Showcase ready for Gear VR headset644

Rik private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Guys

I have a Samsung Gear VR headset and a Samsung Galaxy Note4 here. And quit a few MP 3D Showcases.

And now what???

Can somebody explain me what the next step is? How do I get a Showcase on this VR set?

Thanks for helping me out

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

1. Double-Check that you have the exact right model Note 4 here ...

Matterport VR Showcase Beta Gear and Accessories Shopping List

2. Matterport Photographers: 4 Rules for Preparing Models for Virtual Reality (VR)

3. Matterport Photographers: How to Optimize Your 3D Tours for Gear VR

4. Matterport Photographers: Gear VR + Note 4 - 16 Step Setup Check List

5. Also, you may find checking the Matterport User Group Forum VR and Virtual Reality threads helpful.

The MUG Forum search box is powered by Google. So, that's a great way to search 6,500 thread posts among 650 threads.


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Rik private msg quote post Address this user
Pfewwwww. I really have to sit down for this and take some time to read all this.
Is there not a easy way to discovere this?

Anyway, thanks Dan !!!
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Rik private msg quote post Address this user
Do I understand it right that for now Matterport will make a Showcase usable for Gear VR for $500, which might be cost $100 later this year?
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
For those who have tried the VR conversions so far, what are your thoughts on waiting until new devices become available in early 2016 such as the Oculus rift?

Also, I've read that the Oculus experience is amazing; however, from what I can tell it is hardware dependent and has to be connected to a computer with fairly high processing ability, which means the set up is likely pretty expensive.

But then again, will Matterport VR showcases even be compatible with other VR set-ups other than the Samsung Gear VR?
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kc1302 private msg quote post Address this user
I am waiting for Matterport to support CardBoard SDK / DIVE / Homido.
I've been developing Unity apps for Oculus DK1/DK2/GEARVR/Cardboard/ZeissOne since 2013. One thing I noticed is this. Most of my clients are not willing to shell out 200-800 usd for a headset. And if I tell them it cost around 10-25K to build a fully custom 3D interactive VR app, they are flabbergasted.
I don't blame them either. VR is still in it's infancy. SDK's are being released every month. Limitations are slowly being lifted.

I believe in all sincerity that Cardboard is a better alternative.
Cheap / non-exclusive / popular / wellknown-brand / sold eveywhere / no wires, no cables / compatible with most phones.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@kc1302 I agree that cardboard will be VR for the masses and I hope that Matterport VR Showcases will be available in that format.

You can order google cardboard kits out of China for as little as $2.19 shipping included, which would make it affordable to buy several hundred to brand and hand out as promotional tools.

Only effective though if the VR Showcases will work with Google Cardboard.

That said, I've used some Google Cardboard apps and found that the phone has to be nesting just right or the distance is slightly off and it's hard on the eyes. I'm sure Oculus or Gear presentations would be of a significantly higher quality and lead to better experience.
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