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Sorry Matterport6428

frstbubble private msg quote post Address this user
Dear Matterport,

Sorry to say but this one you cannot undo. You have made mistakes before and they have been small enough that you were able to correct them before the mainstream media caught wind of them (Contracting Scans in SanFransico?). But there is soo much backlash from your current TOS that it cannot be undone. You have just ruined your brand and it is too late to correct it. The bad news is not that you harmed yourself but the bad news is all the MSP's that made Matterport what it was yesterday are the ones that have to pay the price for your greed and lack of ethics.

Most people talk a good game but few follow through. I believe that this time there are many that will follow through and once your story gets out to the mainstream media, I nor any other MSP will be able to sell a Matterport tour. Thank You again!

You had a really incredible product too bad you have no business ethics.

I highly recommend that each and every MSP out there contact their state and the federal AG to investigate Mappterport. Reference them to this forum so they can get contact information on who will give statements of Matterport mining their clients and also violating the US copyright laws by claiming they own limited rights to our productions! Not only that show them the example of Matterport forcing us to agree to these amended TOS!

I know by doing this the Matterport name is going to be severely tarnished and that my investment in their technology will have to be chalked up to a loss but we cannot let a company extort us like Matterport has been doing since 2014!

Oh almost forgot "Who is John Galt?"
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
@frstbubble thank you for this analysis.

Yes, this is how things will be going.

The TOS and copyright issue has always been Matterports weak point. People warned me already years ago, that we will loose copyright. And the (old) Matterport TOS might have been one reason for the very slow adoption of Matterport here in Germany. With the discussion about the new TOS this won't get better.

@Matterport @BillBrown please ask yourself:

Who wants his object to be scanned with these new TOS, when NOBODY

- can tell what will happen with this data in the future?
- can delete this data, that has once been published?
- can tell who will use this data in the future?
- can tell for what it will be used?

Until yesterday I had the answer: "We have full control, we can delete it." This was before the the TOS.

In management there is one very important rule to follow: "you always have to keep the balance between greed and caution".

The recent steps were too greedy.

- First, the direct marketing to the clients (realtors) of your clients (MSPs)
- Second, the switch from free to paid obj
- Third, violating international copyright standards with the new TOS.
Post 2 IP   flag post - Fast Start Websites angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
The new TOS breaches the GDPR law which comes into play in May 2018 in the EU.

“EU Compliance Evolves. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) proposed by the European Commission will strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU), whilst addressing the export of personal data outside the EU.”

As an MSP if I cannot control or explain how a customer’s data is being stored and used them I break the law.

Matterport’s Ecosystem seems to hold deleted data after a customer has requested deletion. This is illegal. The fine up to 4% of global turnover.

@matterport - I consult on data governance and GDPR compliance as part of my services. You need to sit up and listen or you will not just lose customers but collapse your company entirely.

Start studying the law like everyone else:
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
I have had a couple of instances where I felt cheated by a company and tried to get the issue resolved directly thru that company. Never worked. What did produce almost immediate results in both instances was doing 2 things.

1-I first filed a complaint with the BBB

2 I filed another complaint on the website Ripoff Report clickable text. In both instances My complaint was resolved within days.
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plorenz private msg quote post Address this user
We need to coordinate an organized effort to share our complaints. Thanks to Dan, this forum appears to be the largest collection of MSPs out there. I would love to help contribute by making a reference document that says where to best voice our complaints. Is there a consensus about how to do that? I've seen "contact your state & federal attorney general", "reach out to BBB", etc. I'm happy to compile email addresses, physical addresses, and/or phone numbers to make this easy for everyone. Any thoughts?
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
Revising the TOS to comply with International Law might be a great excuse to fix the things that I think were unnecessary to achieve Matterport's goals.

I think that this could have been accomplished without the TOS being amended and without scaring everyone. Matterport have great ideas, just reckless methods to accomplish them that ultimately won't make much of a difference to all of the people who are scared and angry.
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