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Introducing: the Matterport Ecosystem6398

Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
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BrianM private msg quote post Address this user
Am I reading this right?

A Matterport Space will no longer be a one-time-use asset. [screw the photographer]

The possibilities for how this 3D content can be leveraged—across new use-cases like renovation, redecorating, insurance, appraisal, and more—will maximize the value of every Space created, benefiting all customers [except initial photographer] and ecosystem participants.
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Lincoln, NB
PointCloudVR private msg quote post Address this user
Wow, matterport graciously granted themselves more liscense to do whatever the heck they want. I'm not sure I want to capture for this company anymore. No wonder the founder left.
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Peterborough, U.K.
angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
I’ve read it a few times now and I think their doing a McDonald’s. (Watch movie ‘The Founder’) and I predicted this a few months ago.

Their disrupting.

They don’t own the building, or contents but they own the cloud space that serves them to the Internet. (And the ball and chain dollshouse tech magic, cleverly patented).

The biggest property cloud in the world.

Watch the hosting fees go up...

As I see it, as ‘capturers’ of spaces we are part of the Empire. We are artists who can be used to paint the same space twice. But the ‘space owner’ can choose another ‘capturer’ if they want, because now they manage their own piece of the ecosystem cloud that they reside on.

It’s all about relationship management and keeping your ‘scanned’ customers happy if you ask me. Competitive and open. Clever.
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Helen private msg quote post Address this user
So if you do not verify an address it does not go into the ecosystem? If you do it does? Once the 12 months are over and it was verified does it come off your total model count? I am not sure if I am getting it? What happens when you delete a model?
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isabel private msg quote post Address this user
"When the change takes effect, Spaces that are public, part of the ecosystem license, and have a validated residential address entered will be free for you to continue hosting on Matterport after the first 12 months for as long as you have your account."

So you can refuse to give Matterport this ecosystem license by

1. Making spaces private
2. Removing their addresses
3. Delete spaces before 12 months are up
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VRimpact private msg quote post Address this user
Am I the only one completely baffled with no idea what just happened? I'm a MSP and photographer so can someone please let me know if these changes help or impact my business? I don't understand what ecosystem is. I'm starting to worry ive just been told thanks for your support and investment but your no longer needed? I'm sooo confused.
Post 7 IP   flag post
BlairBryngelson private msg quote post Address this user
Very confusing to what this actually means for us.

It seems like an effort for matterport to capitalize on residential real estate property models, as the homes are bought and sold, then MP can reach out to the Agent / Broker / Home Buyer to invoke some licensing agreement for a new cost??

Honestly that's just the best I could come up with from the email, and I feel pretty confident that I didnt actually comprehend the thing properly...
Post 8 IP   flag post
Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Ugh... they definitely need a better explanation of what they are doing here.

I've been waiting for them to announce that they'd drop hosting limits to accounts as their current arrangement makes no sense. Limiting to 300 spaces for a business account? RIDICULOUS! Their math doesn't even work out when they make their recommendations on the buy.matterport page. For the business plan they say: "If you are a Photographer that typically does 50 jobs a month, and each Space must remain live for 3 months, the Professional plan probably best meets your needs." That would mean your top-tier plan would be filled up in 6 months.

The interesting part about the max hosted models was that you'd have to actually delete the model for it to be removed from the count. Simply turning it to private wouldn't do it. And now they're saying that they would own that data to potentially re-sell to someone else...?

Looking forward to hearing if there's a lawyer out there to interpret this for us!
Post 9 IP   flag post - Fast Start Websites
Peterborough, U.K.
angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
@Helen but verifying the address is good for GSV business listings.

Residential customers I speak to don’t want people flying into their home unannounced from GSV. Privacy remains important in EU and with GDPR approaching any data compliance must be covered.

For example, if I scan a study or office and there’s a document on the desk with personal data of any form it needs blurring and complete GDPR protocol compliance to avoid being sued.

Is Matterport ecosystem GDPR ready? As an ex-Google Strategy Director for EMEA and APAC, data compliance will be paramount as they move to rich scanning which will no doubt involve more enhanced content.

This email from CEO actually throws up many challenges for managing ‘captured’ spaces and places. As a ‘space owner’ it is saying ‘hey! You’ve been captured by Matterport! Let’s do more together! - But before we do, if you want to use the last guy that captured the last space then you can, but you don’t have to.’

@Matterport - data compliance and training will need sorting if you think the re-sales of spaces is going to scale for you.

Am I wrong?
Post 10 IP   flag post
Helen private msg quote post Address this user
@angusnorriss When I have uploaded to GSV I have done it by using the business name not the address so I am not sure why the address would need to be verified for GSV?
Post 11 IP   flag post
VRimpact private msg quote post Address this user
Not to sound optimistic but there is a Q&A session live conference with matterport at this web address in about 16hrs. It says to sign up to be on it. I'm doing it now as inhave a feeling it's going to be busy.
Link is clickable text

Hope this helps get clarity for everyone.
Post 12 IP   flag post - Fast Start Websites
Peterborough, U.K.
angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
Good call.

In an effort not crowd this post; if I was writing Strategy at Matterport i’d say:

‘Matterport aims to captures the interior of the world to be accessed by all’.

In doing so I reckon they could be in deep with the GoogleX projects team from a cloud solution perspective. All signals so far point that way. A good thing.

Again. Service your customers to embrace it because if we’re confused then you can bet they maybe too.
Post 13 IP   flag post
Lachlan private msg quote post Address this user
It seems as though they want to reserve the right to sell our tours in the future.
Post 14 IP   flag post
Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Customers catch wind of this announcement will be going to Matterport for those of us charge hosting after the model is created. And gain access to the model through them.

I suppose this is a great alternative for all the models that get created by a new camera buyer who has their camera posted for sale on EBay 6 months later and cuts off their monthly hosting. Clients aren’t left in the wind.

Once again photographers get screwed the minute we mark public on our models.

Any guesses on what the new hosting will cost? Doubt it will be going down given their new patent and smaller battery camera hosting.
Post 15 IP   flag post
advancedhdr private msg quote post Address this user

That link is for “Matterport system” not to be confused with the announced “Matterport Ecosystem” if am reading’s a pre recorded lesson on setup?

Also, are we not all getting worked up over the unknown?

I mean, matterport is a very smart company with SUPER smart executives going in almost every industry.. they do understand that they NEED us as expect us to monetize.. I think they are protecting their butts especially with the GSV one click addition..
Post 16 IP   flag post - Fast Start Websites
Peterborough, U.K.
angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
Execs are paid on bonuses and performance and market share. Progression.

Apple force progressive purchase to the upgrade by stopping the service of earlier models through the iOS.

Matterport the same.

Earlier cameras may not comply to new functionality that space owners want.

This means that property owners can select Pro2/3/4/5 photographers to upgrade their space, because they own their public space.

I predict camera sales emails going out to new public space owners at big ‘early-bird’ discounts.

‘Hey, we see you gotta Matterport space, get a camera and make it super magical with the new Pro5....’

I hope Bill sends another email to appease the fighter pilots that have helped capture the territory that he’s now selling reinforcements to while we fly home to our nests.
Post 17 IP   flag post - Fast Start Websites
Peterborough, U.K.
angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
He’s just handed a DIY license to anyone we scan for.

Pls correct me...
Post 18 IP   flag post
PeterMcCready private msg quote post Address this user
Their monetising strategy ultimately risks alienating all those passionate about the technology, from the MSPs whose content they intend to feast upon to future content requirers potentially unsettled at the prospect of additional uses without their control/recompense.

Come on Matterport, there are better ways to go about this, don’t let the bright lights of the future look as murky as the past!!!
Post 19 IP   flag post
Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
I'm looking forward to seeing real world examples of how this vision will actually work.

-- is a real world example that has already been in effect, and has helped me sell more tours.

Google Street View puts our panos out in the world where ANYONE can embed or use our content.

New York Times? Sounds fine. Especially with our names on it. Big deal. Were you going to sell rights to your tour to the New York Times?

RoOomy? I have mixed feelings on this. Good luck with redecorating a furnished space. As the example already shows us, this technology is BEST for vacant multi-family (apartments) and possibly new home sales. I already have BIG plans on offering my clients the ability to utilize this service -- depending on the price. But how will it work?

It makes sense that RoOomy's services will be offered on their OWN SITE -- not within the Matterport Cloud UI. RoOomy will not have access to our accounts and their service won't work like Schematic Floorplans or other items -- sure, Matterport could sell tickets that we redeem -- but ultimately, the fun will be happening on Roomie's servers.

Sounds like a new TOS is needed where Matterport "only share[s] property data in a private, authenticated manner, with permission of the current building owner or occupant."


It's a bit strange. This makes it sound like Matterport want every building owner or occupant to want a space so that they can do things with their 3D space of their own home... interesting. So - I own a home. My wife and five kids live here. Does Matterport propose a world where I go to IKEA and they can pull up my home via Matterport and help me plan my home? Can I go on a website and buy decorations and place them in my home from the vendor site?

This sort of future sounds interesting, although I'm not sure it works ... after all, we're scanning furnished spaces. Perhaps to make this work, Matterport are going to algorithmically remove furniture and automate rebuilding of a base model of my home? Interesting.


Matterport need to think big and I'm not sure that their vision that they posted is BIG enough.

I imagine a world where we are contributing to a SketchFab of 3D -- or no -- a YouTube of 3D. Our names are on our models and we promote our brand freely. Just like SketchFab and YouTube, models are publicly viewable and SDK/API accessible.

Do you consider yourself an artist? There are many artists in the world -- their content can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and Amazon Prime Music. People can download an audio copy and remix it to death. But of course there are limits there too -- they weren't in the studio and can't go back to the studio to add in tracks unless they are granted that right by the label. The original creation is still the artist's and all derivative works bear the artists' creativity.

I'm thinking that Matterport didn't go far enough. The idea of enabling anyone to experience any place at any time is amazing -- but in order to do that, you have to completely change your business model. Charging for hosting and imposing hosting limits on content creators is a restriction that is no longer compatible.

The 12 months and it's free idea? I hope they revisit this down the road and just stop imposing limits. As many of you already know, there have never been limits. The number was just like the 200 scan limit - an idea ... a concept ... a suggestion? They have proposed to start charging for overage, but this hasn't happened yet.

Right now, I'm moving towards 400 -- but many of these spaces are over 12 months old. This should actually save me a little bit of money -- $120/mo maybe. It's kind of trivial.

The thing is -- I'm fine with contributing my 400 spaces to a massive ecosystem. I'm just as happy to publish spaces to Google Street View -- which is a massive ecosystem that is presently even more accessible than Matterport's. My photography is all hosted on Zenfolio and publicly viewable. If there was a YouTube of photography with unlimited hosting, I'd probably use it. We're all living in the cloud. If I were an artist / actor or any public figure -- I'd want people to see my work and know that I was available to hire.


My one contention here is the hosting fees. 12 months? That's a bit arbitrary. I don't want a single space that I'm contributing to the ecosystem to be counted. I only want private spaces counted. I want my private spaces to have features wherein I can choose which domains they can be embedded on too.


When it comes down to it, nothing much changes. I don't see a loss of revenue in any way from this.

We're still a long way off from where there is any real world application of this amazing, but ambiguous vision.
Post 20 IP   flag post
advancedhdr private msg quote post Address this user
I think, it may have something to do with the migration of GSV into residential properties.

When GSV with Matterport came out last month, you could drive down the street, turn into a business, walk through it.. look at the restauranteurs faces, ( unlike GSV without MP ) and the credit card receipt in their hands.. before this, to the best of my knowledge, never from Google Street to Inside.
This may have to do with privacy concerns and liabilities.
Post 21 IP   flag post
Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@Metroplex360 Your example of going to IKEA and plugging in your home's Matterport 3D Showcase to do some virtual remodelling was the EXACT example I brainstormed with my wife when we were trying to figure out what applications Matterport had in mind.

The biggest issue is going to be the privacy implications. I know they say they're going to have an opt-out feature for individuals, and that's an absolute must. Look at all the lawsuits that were launched at Google when streetview caught people doing things they didn't want the world to know they were doing! I think it would be similar with people not wanting some company to have a layout of their house and possibly selling that data to third parties willing to pay for it.
Post 22 IP   flag post
Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
My concern is that without a larger platform to bounce these ideas from, there will only be fringe use cases for any of this and it will be a big waste of time and effort. I'm looking forward to learning more about what Matterport has in mind.
Post 23 IP   flag post
jasondavidpage private msg quote post Address this user
For those of us that scan for the residential market - what are we obligated to do to inform our clients, their clients, and property buyers about the fact that the space data is now in the cloud forever and accessible to anyone Matterport chooses unless they opt out?

Could we be held liable? What is the link or procedure that a property owner must go through to eliminate their space data? The terms were updated today - no advanced warning, no actual verification and removal method in place. Why release this half-baked concept and change the terms all at once without any of the framework or homework put into place? Then again, it seems representative of the past year or so of development from this company.
Post 24 IP   flag post
3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
Hello all,

This is an advice from JuMP team:
Please back up all your showcase data before it is too late.

The easist way is to download them on your ipad appication "3D Showcase" and upload them from ipad to your HDD.
But it won't get the full resolution panorama pictures. Only 6 x 1K x 1K cube maps will be included in that package(even for the Pro2 camera, it is 6 x 1K x 1K also).
Except the full resolution panoramas the package in "3D Showcase" include all you need to rebuild the web version showcase in the future.

As for the full resolution panoramas there are some ways to get it if you PM JuMP.

After you back up all your data you can just wait until the stand alone 3rd party showcase system show up.
And I am sure you all know what to do next...

JuMP team from Beijing, China
Post 25 IP   flag post
MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
They needed new licence terms for Google Streetview and took the opportunity to expand them to whatever extend imaginable and probably necessary.

Maybe they had some of Googles lawyers consulting them.

Unfortunately these new terms probably won't work for the arts and culture market. And some other market segments may have restraints, too (convention centers, etc.).

But Bill Brown also mentioned the real estate lifecycle and following this vision could open up new business cases for all stakeholders - for Matterport, for the Pros and for the people who live and work in the house.

Think about facilities management in commercial real estate - especially in office buildings or in hotels or in a restaurant (chain). Properties won't change so much throughout the lifecycle. Size remains the same and most technical installations too. I could imagine so many services in the real estate lifecycle business may profit from the access to a Matterport tour. Matterport makes processes more efficient and more important - Matterport makes facilities management less expensive.

There is so many questions answered in one link. Just press the U button in a tour and send it.
Post 26 IP   flag post
CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
MSP Ecosystem FAQ from MP support page
Post 27 IP   flag post
Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
There's probably wonderful applications that Matterport has in mind.

That said, I think they'd have greater success and less resistance if they have an opt-in rather than opt-out option...
Post 28 IP   flag post
mikeb private msg quote post Address this user
It's very simple.

Matterport had spent tremendous amounts of investors money in promising them a rich future in matterport which dominates and leads the 3d rendering technology of many markets becoming a Google-like world leader.

It is hard for them to face reality that while thier product is an awesome product for real estate professionals and can be useful in the tourism industry as well. Their dreams are far from being reached.

This last message from the CEO seems like a desperate last attempt to keep thier private investors contempt in holding on longer to thier dream of global dominance in multiple industries.

What needs to happen and things definitely seem to be moving in that direction, is that matterport will no longer be able to pay thier high level executives who are placed there to constantly find ways that matterport will dominate the world. Matterport would then no longer invest in areas which don't belong to them. Matterport will come to terms with reality that they are simply a camera company which also provides awesome technology which can be very useful for certain professionals in niche markets. They need to then focus on selling cameras and nothing else. They will lower spending in other areas, allowing them to lower the costs of the camera, giving access to thier true customers (the purchaser) to host thier own content. Then the company can grow at a healthy pace and eventually years down the line when 3d technology expands to other industries and is more accessible by the masses they could branch out to other industries. But the focus now must be on satisfying your current customers, not your investors. Your faithful customers who stand up to all your adolescent fits and stick with you despite the astronomical costs of the equipment and your constant attempt to put them off and take control. If not for your customers you will have nothing today, please respect them, show your appreciation and if you really want to grow make your equipment more accessible and more valuable to the customer.

Instead of "stealing" thier hard work and passing it on the others why don't you consider passing on to them for once. Let your customer own and host thier own work and equipment that they paid for.

Until we get to that point we may need to put up with a few more adolescent fits.
Post 29 IP   flag post
mikeb private msg quote post Address this user
And I think that for the sake of honesty and integrity those Matterport employees who are commenting on this forum should present themselves as such.
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