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SUCCEED FASTER - Lightroom February Update!6371

3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
Adobe wants you to SUCCEED FASTER and released one of the biggest little product updates on Tuesday in a long time -- and I'll tell you why.

FASTER is the buzzword.

I have always felt that Adobe is doing something wrong ... Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW have been getting slower and slower it seems -- and I just bought a new i7 8th Generation out of frustration for processing HDR Merged images with lens correction and lots of tweaks. Compared to my i7 3rd Generation -- it's ... a "bit" faster. And that's fine. It was a $900 investment and my kids get a sweet computer now.

But faster is relative and I'm like a kid at Christmas right now as I install the latest update to Lightroom and ACR (I use ACR, but I've recently become superstitious towards thinking that Lightroom might be better optimized for working with large sets of photos at once ... memory management seems superior to Adobe Camera RAW ... but I have no evidence on that...)

"We are pleased to announce the latest update of Lightroom Classic. We have made some significant performance enhancements and added a few key features that will help optimize your photography workflow. When customers talk about performance enhancements, there are generally two categories of improvements requested: Interactive (how quickly the interface responds to your actions) and batch processing (how efficient Lightroom is at utilizing system resources and completing batch tasks). This update is focused on batch processing improvements and we’ll continue to focus on both Interactive and Batch Processing improvements going forward.

We have made significant strides with our partners at Intel to optimize CPU and memory usage so that performance will scale better across multiple cores on computers with at least 12 GB of RAM. You should experience improved speed in the following areas:

• Faster import grid loading

• Faster import and preview generation

• Faster walking through images in the Loupe View

• Faster rendering of adjustments in Develop

• Faster merge operations of HDR/Panos

• Faster export

In addition, Lightroom Classic tended to slow down over time for certain customers. We have fixed this issue in most cases, but please let us know if you’re still experiencing the problem.

There was a concern based on early reports of Lightroom 7.2 improvements that we’re only focused on new and expensive high-end hardware. In reality, these enhancements impact a wide range of hardware, Mac and Win, old and new. One key attribute of the enhancements is that they scale appropriately with a customer’s investment in hardware. A common complaint in the past was that a large investment in a new system did not provide equivalent improvements in Lightroom performance. Lightroom 7.2 is an important step forward in addressing that issue, particularly for computers with at least 12 GB of memory. While we’re very pleased with the performance improvements in 7.2, we have lots more planned, and you’ll see ongoing performance improvements in future releases.


There are some other little things about Collections that I couldn't give a flip about. I'm just in it for editing sets of photos, not being a packrat.

Anyone else totally excited by this? I'm 100% convinced that I'm about to have a BLAST. Will post later if I'm completely disappointed and eating ice cream in the kitchen.

I wonder if @JonJ and the PhotoSparc team are going to be feeling it with their volume!
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RedRock3D private msg quote post Address this user
I’m brand new to Lightroom and just beginning to learn it’s functionality-lots to digest. But yes, I share in @Metroplex360 ‘s enthusiasm. With little formal training in photography, LR has been a big help.
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leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
Like every thing that involves image processing I think it is always important not to skimp on your GPU. Get as much ram as you possible can. It does not matter how fast a piece of software is, if the hardware is the bottleneck that could potentially be the limiting factor. I use Lightroom a lot and I always look forward to improvements.
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