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MP Scanning at 5 feet or Door Knob Level?6336

WGAN Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A Member of WGAN writes:

"Matterport camera height - 5ft or door knob level? I’m reading different suggestions by other pros." My reply below ...

What height do you scan any why?




Hello [redacted],

Here are my height recommendations for Matterport scanning:

1. Scan with the Matterport Camera middle row at 5 feet - that's eye-level or lower (house)
2. Scan with the Matterport Camera middle row at door knob height for small spaces (hotel room) to make the room look bigger and to see more of the space
3. Scan the entire space at the same height


1. Got a great hot tub with a view? Do a scan in the tub
2. Scanning a school for kids? Scan at kid height
3. Scan to fill in black holes so you can't fly between floors (hide scans in Matterport Workshop)
4. Having trouble scanning (white walls on stairs); move the camera to the lowest tripod position to complete the stairs; then set the camera at normal height (hide low scans in Workshop)
5. Low ceilings? Scan at half the height between the floor and the ceiling
6. In hotel rooms, check the bathroom mirror. Can you scan a bit lower so that the mirror does not show the Camera?
7. Super-heigh ceilings. Scan at 5 feet, BUT, see if you can scan some at super-heigh tripod level to complete the dollhouse (hide these scans in Workshop)
8. Exceptions: What's different about the space you are about to scan that makes sense to break rules?
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
I think that height can be subjective to room.

Dropping the camera to avoid mirrors is sometimes necessary in bathrooms, although not ideal.

Having different heights if the second floor or a loft area has lower ceilings can feel natural as the entry to these spaces is by climbing a stair case.

Door knob height is a BIT low, but for hotel rooms and apartments with low ceilings, dropping the camera by 1/2 a foot can make a big difference.

My #1 complaint is a space with a refrigerator where the camera dwarfs the fridge.
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