Hi All,

Today (9 February 2018), a Member of the WGAN Forum emailed me a specific request for locating a Matterport Pro with a Pro2 Camera and other requirements (see below) and this question ...

"... Seeing about scaling services again, but on my own this time. Any tips?"

My Tips

1. WGAN makes it super-east and super-fast to Find a Matterport Pro on the Network Map
2. If you can not locate a Pro, please complete the Contact Us Form or email me or PM @DanSmigrod
3. Outsource (sub-contract) before hiring employees. Use non-compete, non-disclosure and Independent Contract's Agreement (See We Get Around Network Forum Forms Library)
4. Embed the white-label version of the We Get Around Network Map (rebranded with [Your Company] Network and all leads going to your email address) in you website to show that you can help clients anywhere (examples) (Must be a WGAN Basic, Standard or Premium Member)
5. Be active in the WGAN Forum. Helps when you do outreach ...
6. Leverage your trusted relations for referrals
7. Existing trusted clients may have offices in locations outside your market
8. Real estate agents and brokers may be more likely to refer you to out of market peers
9. Ask for testimonials in social channels, including LinkedIn
10. Keep your LinkedIn profile current
11. Why Accept a Deep Discounted Matterport Scan




[Since there was just one Matterport Pro in this market with a public profile on the WGAN Find a Matterport Pro Map, I made a direct introduction. When there are more than one Pro, I send the Client to the Find a Pro map ... Plus, great example of a request that went beyond just Matterport.]

Hi [Redacted],

Thank you again for reaching out to the We Get Around Network for a full-service Matterport Pro (Pro2) that can help you in [redacted].

Introducing ….


I checked with long-time WGAN Member [redacted] this morning and [redacted] can help you with all of the following:

✓ Matterport (Pro2 Camera)
✓ DSLR photography
✓ Twilight
✓ Stills

Hi [redacted],

[redacted] is also a long-time WGAN Member based in the [redacted] area. [redacted] has a client that is expanding to the [redacted] area and seeks to continue to book jobs with [redacted]. [redacted] seeks to sub-out this work.

[redacted] writes in a couple of emails to me ...

Am looking to source a reliable photographer in [redacted] … Am booking for a client on a regular basis moving forward.
Yes, [redacted] area coverage, Pro2 only. Current client with whom I have a good relationship is expanding to [redacted] and they want to continue to work with me if possible to handle bookings, so I’m sourcing local talent.

[Redacted] contact info ….


[redacted] and [redacted], please cc me on your first round of emails so that I know that you have connected.

I hope this intro is helpful to you both.