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Improving My Scans633

THRHHI private msg quote post Address this user
Good morning Everyone,
I have had my camera for about a week and have done a couple scans. It is really impressive what it can do right out of the box. It is amazing how quickly you discover the little things reviewing the model ie don't move the rug in front of the sink between scans or leave your water bottle on the counter "for just a second". I can fix those things going forward. Couple of questions
1 Once i upload a model, can i go back and correct it and
reload it again? My last model there are a couple of
scans I would like to remove(see note above)

2 In addition can i go back and change the window
locations? The porch has two entrances through sliding
glass doors. I put a window where one of the open
sliding glass doors is to the porch. I can move in
through one but can't go through the other because it
thinks its a window.

3 In the "Tips and Tricks" it says to trim first, which i
do. It also says to outline the walls with the window
tool. Does that provide a better model? DO you need to
avoid the doors to avoid the scenario in item 2?

I appreciate all your constructive criticism. Best way to learn is through your peers. The link to my latest model is below. Thanks for all your help.
ps: i know one of the fans is on. A neighbor stopped to see what was happening and flipped the switch.
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Hi there
Congratulations on your purchase and your first few scans. Like any new technology, it takes a while to work out all things you need to do to have it work perfect.

So to answer your questions.
1) in short, yes. Updating an existing model can be done and then re-uploaded. This is free. Please note that this will change the link. If you have already provided this to someone, the updated model will now have a different location. It will be called xxxxx (copy)
The easier option is to use workshop. This is essentially the back end of metaport where you can adjust your scans. From here you can hide existing scans so they will not appear in the showcase you.
Just ensure that you do not delete to many scans or you will not be able to move around.

2)yes just make changes and reupload if needed

3)I've not seen the trick to use the window tool to mark the walls. This is interesting. I'd just stick with the standard trim tool and save the window one just for Windows.

I will check out your scan and offer some suggestions.
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THRHHI private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the input Jamie. I understand what you said using the workshop. I went and researched and like your idea of shooting the closets if for nothing else to capture the data to fill in the dark spaces. That has been annoying me. Next on the list is the video aspect for my wife's real estate videos. So far the screen capture is way to choppy for my liking. I have tried several that i already have but not happy with the results. Always learning something new.
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