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Real Estate Marketing615

CathieRasch private msg quote post Address this user
Fellow real estate agents, or photographers that work closely with real estate agents, I just got my Matterport camera last week. I am working on a marketing plan for listings. What has worked for you? Have you done anything that is particularly successful for getting prospects to view your videos? Do you have any tips for marketing for new listings? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to pay for my camera by the end of the year and to gain market share before some of the higher producing agents figure out that I have something new. Thanks!
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Andrew private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @CathieRash

First of all look at threads tagged with 'Business Plan'

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al9901 private msg quote post Address this user
@CathieRasch Try to do some research on the agents in your area. Find out all you can about:

- The number, size and average listing prices per month
- Do they adopt new innovations quickly?
- What their marketing goals are for this and next year

I would suggest picking at least 3 of the most feasible agents, with a view to working with one. Chances are that one of them will try to cut you out, waste your time or be just a bunch of jerks. This sadly is business. But by the rule of averages, one of them will be serious and interested in working with you.

The first step after doing some basic research is to call up a broker or someone high up the chain if you can, tell them that you need their insight and advice for a new product you have on the market. Invite them for a coffee or something to eat and ask them their opinions on the showcase. If they are disinterested or they don't believe in the product, ask them what problems they encounter with their marketing, even if it is not immediately connected to the showcase, you may find great ways of selling it. (Right now I have found that realtors are concerned about the lack of direct web traffic, this I have worked into a benefit of how this can claw back traffic and control from the big, expensive classified sites).

The most important part of selling this to your customers is that you identify their specific problems and market your service specifically for their needs. There may be a very cool Matterport feature, but if your customer doesn't have a problem that is resolved by that feature, don't mention it.
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seanminor private msg quote post Address this user
Well Cathie, being that you are an agent, start sharing with the agents in your office. I slowly began to tell agents on an individual basis, but if I were to do it again, I would make sure that everyone new at one time and then continue to remind them. I post on the office Facebook page, email models and I am currently working on a short video for agents and builders. I have only been doing it a month, I did a few for free in the very beginning but now charge. My agents get a great deal from me under a certain sqft. I even have an out of office Remax agent, who came from someone in my office, who is doing a scan at the end of the week. Just start putting it out there and talking about it. When in the office I walk around with my Iphone showing agents a model. Start showing to everyone. You know us agents; hard to sell new technology to, hard to get us to open our wallets. Agents are looking for ways to gain that competitive advantage. Most agents will eventually get it and the others, well, they will continue to nickle and dime their business.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user

If I understand your post correctly you aren't interested in marketing to other agents but rather keeping the technology to yourself as something unique that you offer but no one else does, right?

I can understand that. I am a REALTOR and had the same thought; however, a photographer in town purchased a Matterport camera as well and so I branched out to offering the service to my colleagues (I don't scan other agent's listings... my wife does the scanning for them). That way I figure if I can't have the commission from listing the property I can at least get a bit from the agent who is paying to have it marketed.

But certainly, if you are the only show in town with the camera, by all means keep it exclusive for as long as you can. Just bear in mind that the competitive advantage ends as soon as someone else gets one.
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CathieRasch private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks all, you're correct Queen City, right now I am the only one with a Matterport. I wouldn't expect to maintain that advantage for long. After that my husband will probably offer the service. How much do you charge for a scan?

Have you done anything that was particularly successful to get potential seller's to view your scan's?
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al9901 private msg quote post Address this user
The most success I have had with realtors is to identify the brokerages who want to use this for most if not all of their listings, and want to work with me long term. You will find some who want to try it out for free, think it is a nice gimmick, but these are the realtors who will just waste your time. They want to see if it takes off and they want a dirt cheap price; neither are worth your time. Check my post above for some suggestions how to find these customers.

Talk about the importance of virtual reality, how it will change the real estate market and make it as transparent as ebay did for opening a global store, then tell them you are looking to work with an agency or a broker that realizes the significance of this new technology and work with them to grow together.

You are right about the competition coming. Most likely, next year Matterport will be very common, and people will be undercutting one another. By working with just what you can handle (which I am assuming is 2-3 per day?) you should go with one or two that believe in the platform the same way you do.
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