Giroptic Launch 360 Degree Video Calling Application

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Giroptic Launch 360 Degree Video Calling App at CES 2018.

VR Focus (8 January 2018) Giroptic Launch 360 Degree Video Calling Application

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Source: Giroptic

Experience video calling in VR/360°

Enjoy the most immersive conversation experience on the planet. Works on mobile, desktop, and VR headsets.

An all-new way to communicate

After months of testing and perfecting, our 360° video calling service is now available in the iO360 app. Whether on a rooftop in New York, cruising on the lake, or with family on the other side of the world...this new channel immerses the call recipient in your environment in real time.

Connect your Giroptic iO

Connect your iO camera to your smartphone to trigger the iO360 app. Select "call" to launch a video call in 360°.

Invite your circle

In seconds, connect with your friends and family via SMS, WhatsApp, email, etc. right from the iO360 app. All they have to do is click on the link they receive from you to join the conversation through any modern browser on mobile or desktop.

Experience your calls in 360°

You will receive an alert as soon as your conversation partner has joined the call. Now you're ready to add a whole new dimension to your video communication and share unforgettable moments with your friends and family. Connect with each other like never before!

Works on VR headsets

Once your conversation partner connects, simply activate VR mode and then slide the smartphone into your headset (Google Cardboard, Daydream, Homido VR2, etc.) to enjoy a level of immersion that will leave you floored.

The complete iO experience all in a single app

We have simplified the iO experience by integrating 360° video calling from the iO Ping app into the iO360 app. Now the iO360 app is the only companion you need for the Giroptic iO camera: for capturing photos and videos in 360°, for 360° livestreaming, and now for conducting live video calls in 360°!

The 360° video calling service is available for iOS right now and for Android users by the end of January. The service is 100% free and requires only a WiFi or 4G connection.

Buy your camera to conduct 360° video calls

Source: Giroptic