Hi All,

When is "good enough" good enough (for you)?

In two related We Get Around Network Forum discussions in the last few days (here and here), Members of the Forum debate the imagine quality of:

360º 1-click cameras for under $500 versus DSLR shot 360ºs
Matterport Snapshots versus Matterport Snapshots after post production

Rather than debating is the [image] quality good enough compared to [fill in the blank), I wonder if the standard should be is the [image] quality good enough to get and keep the business?

While many of us aspire to always do great work, sometimes are clients are only willing to pay for good or okay.

So, do you skip the post production on Matterport Snapshots? Do you buy an under $500 360º 1-click camera or opt for the $2,500 360º 1-click camera solutions.

Before you answer, how would you answer this question?

Are you an artist or a business person?

Sometimes you have to choose.

Wishing you a Happy New Year,