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CES2018Orbi Prime

ORBI PRIME: 1st 360º Video Recording Eyewear6014

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Video Courtesy of Orbi

360º Video Courtesy of Orbi

Hi All,

- first 360º Video Recording Eyewear. It premieres at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

The ORBI PRIME Indiegogo page shows shipping April 2018.

I could imagine the ORBI PRIME Google Street View enabled. How cool would that be?

How might you make money using ORBI PRIME?

Happy holidays,



ORBI CES Press Release


ORBI Prime, the world's first 360-degree video recording camera, features a durable, water resistant casing, 60 minutes of recording time and built-in WiFi to record and share with friends and family. It pairs perfectly for your next adventure, whenever it happens or wherever life takes you!

For a demonstration, visit CES Eureka Park Booth 50913. ORBI Prime brings together the best of wearable and sports camera technology for a unique video recording experience. Users no longer need complicated setups and mounts for their cameras and there is no need to hold a camera for an extended period of time. Small, inconspicuous, and extremely portable, ORBI Prime offers immersive videos with an effortless recording experience so you can capture and share every adventure and every moment.

Perfect for seasoned adventurers and weekend warriors alike, ORBI Prime is with you from your favorite concert to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

ORBI Prime is a unique combination of form and function. Naturally hands-free and easy to use, simply put on the ORBI Prime like regular sunglasses and start recording. Its breathtaking 4K resolution (1080p) cameras offer more immersive and compelling details of your surroundings- resulting in videos (and even photos!) that are closer to reality than ever. With a 360° field of video capture, you can save and share every detail of every step, every surrounding, every journey. ORBI Prime provides natural eye-level viewing for a POV that’s as authentic as it gets.

Sharing your moments is as important as capturing them. ORBI Prime has built-in WiFi so you can capture and share videos instantly, whether it be with family and friends or with an international social media audience.

The accompanying app and desktop software offer proprietary, industry-leading video-stitching and mobile editing software that is built to complement ORBI Prime, allowing for seamless editing, stitching, and uploading on your mobile or desktop device.

From the Orbi YouTube Channel

Designed to be incredibly powerful, aesthetic, and comfortable, Orbi Prime allows anyone to effortlessly create breathtaking 360º videos and images.

Orbi Prime’s 90 minutes of recording time and a water-resistant design makes it an ideal choice for a wide array of users, from action sports enthusiasts to the casual weekend warrior.

Back us on Indiegogo.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Premieres at CES 2018 ...

CNET (7 January 2018) - Orbi Prime 360-degree camera glasses record even what you can't see (You'll be recording everything in your vicinity with these Orbi Prime quad-camera specs.)
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