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Start Promoting Matterport AND Street View?6012

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A Member of the WGAN Forum writes me (and my reply) ...

Your thoughts?



We have not started advertising Matterport and street view yet because I am not sure what is is going to offer? Are you?

Will google then own our content after published? Will my client have power to turn off and or change the scan when needed?

Google Business view was a complete joke.

We have 2 commercial Franchise clients in the waiting to see exactly how google street view will work and what google will get in return. We all know Google is after the Content.

The same content we (Invelop) charges to host to make a living at scanning. If a Matterport provider can scan and then publish to google and then they own the content we are all in trouble and will be working for google!

Like you, I come from the commercial photography background and understand personal property. I wish more Matterport scanners and Realestate photographers did as well.



Hello [redacted] ...

Q: We have not started advertising Matterport and street view yet because I am not sure what is is going to offer? Are you?
A: We Get Around Atlanta does not tell our clients about a new Matterport product/feature/service until it is LIVE. Too easy for either, "come back when you have that" or the deliverable to be delayed. That said, now is the time to get your marketing tools ready to go on day one. I could imagine that Matterport will launch (public) Matterport to Google Street View publishing on 23 January 2017. Here's why ...

Q: Will google then own our content after published? Will my client have power to turn off and or change the scan when needed?

A: My understanding is that whomever publishes the content is the owner of the content. Since that would likely be you, then you own the content and can remove it as you wish and that your client would not be able to edit it, without you passing the controls to your client via Google Street View. Reading between the lines at the 2017 Google Street View Summit, my impression is that Google Street View tours will move higher in Google search, if the business is the owner of the content. That said,

I would NOT give the business ownership of the content. (We Get Around Atlanta will charge a monthly fee for hosting and maintaining the content. This will make it more affordable to the client and We Get Around Atlanta gets monthly recurring revenue. If we give us the ownership, then if the client stops paying ... We want to own and control our intellectual property.

My understanding is that for Matterport to be compliant with Google Street View, they must enable un-publish.

It remains unclear if Matterport will fumble the football by having Matterport as the photographer instead of the photographer. That would be a non-starter for us.

Other thoughts?

Happy holidays,

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TrustedPhotoDC private msg quote post Address this user
Would like to know why they think Business View was a complete joke?
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TakedaSan private msg quote post Address this user
Q: Will google then own our content after published?


As we can see in the Street View's Privacy Policies page, the photo published to Street View is not Google's property:

"Sources of Imagery

Imagery on Google Maps either comes from one of two sources: Google or everyone else.

Photos are contributed from a variety of sources. You can tell whether an image was taken by Google or by an external contributor by the attribution name or icon presented with each image.
Imagery that was captured by an external contributor and posted to Google Maps is the property of that contributor, unless they have agreed to transfer ownership to a third party."

On the Street View page about Sales Resources Google tells more about the ownership of the Street View images.

When you publish a 360 photo to Street View under you account, you are the owner of the photo by default.

When you publish with Matterport (in the near future) I believe that you will see your images also on the Google Street View APP, logged with the same Gmail account you used to publish it to Google, as we do actually when we publish it with any other SV compatible platform. And this tour and photos will be associated with this Gmail account (so think in wich Gmail account will you use it). You can also import your tours into (a Street View Online Editor) and use their cool features like Blur Tool, Nadir Patching, Analytics, Add your brand, Custom builder (

I don't know if Matterport will let you unpublish the photos, but in the Street View APP you can unpublish your images or transfer the photo rights. Just log in it with the same Gmail account you published it with Matterport.

You can transfer the photo rights to your agency, if you are a contracted photographer publishing under your account. You can also transfer the rights to the business owner, or to anyone you wish.

I am not a Matterport Pro yet, but I have a Street View photography agency. The most Street View photographers and agencies prefer not pass this rights to the owner of the business, because they don't know about it and how to deal with it, and this can cause problems for them in the future, as for example to unpublish it, if they want, and other settings stuff, as you will have a problem if you need to make changes to this tour because you don't have their rights anymore in your Gmail account.

That's why Google recommends to specify your terms into a written contract:

"Ownership and Control Over Images

We recommend that when photographers/agencies and business owners engage, both parties enter into a written contract that specifies the terms of the agreement, warranty, and future ownership rights.

Be sure to determine who will own the imagery after the shoot is completed. If the photographer/agency will retain ownership, make sure the business owner is aware how they may use the imagery without infringing on the photographer/agency’s copyright. If ownership passes to the business owner, please make sure they consent to the transfer of images, and that they understand what rights the photographer/agency may retain.
The same image should not published twice under two accounts (such as the photographer’s and the business owner’s accounts)."

I hope you understood. Any doubts I am available.

Jefferson Takeda
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Great question... I will ask.


Thank you SO much for the detailed explanation and sources.

Happy New Year,

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