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How to Shoot Great Snapshots with Matterport5994

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

How to Shoot Great Snapshots with Matterport by @Metroplex360 in this related WGAN Forum discussion.

Originally Posted by @Metroplex360
The Matterport Pro-2 Camera is capable of DSLR quality imagery. ...

I've provided snapshots [in lieu of] DSLR photos a few times. My clients preferred DSLR photos each time. This being said, there are a number of ways that you can succeed with [Matterport] snapshots.

#1) Create a second set of scans solely for snapshots at the end of your scan. Lower the tripod to counter height (my recommendation) and position in places that you would normally shoot photos, but not necessarily place the Matterport.
#2) On upload, create two models. Disable the scans used for photos for the walkthrough tour that you will present our client. Use the second tour for your snapshots. You can remove it after the project is done.
#3) Not a Photoshop Pro? Consider using a 3rd party processing sevice such as Photo Sparc [@JonJ], PhotoUp, or a trusted pro.

Mileage varies. A Digital SLR camera allows photographers to easily get the angle they want and to stretch any RAW image to look amazing. The camera itself handles lighting situations better than a Matterport can -- and these tools are hard to do without. With a Matterport Camera, you are in possession of a digital camera that generates amazing images -- under the right conditions. Matterport's processing can sometimes get color wrong when there are mixed light sources -- or not enough light. If you're going to be a PRO at snapshots and Virtual Staging was the excuse you need, you might become a lighting expert in 2018 in order to capture the best source materials.

For what it's worth -- it might make your Matterport Spaces even better


We Get Around Atlanta has delivered some Address Specific Websites - powered by WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin – with Matterport Snapshots from a Matterport Pro1 Camera with the images enhances by Photo Sparc (@JonJ).

Here are some examples of these Matterport Snapshots in Address Specific Website (aka Single Property Websites)


What other tips do you have when using the Matterport 3D Camera to create Snapshots in Matterport Workshop?

Happy holidays,


P.S. Chris, much thanks for this great workflow
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Anyone know if there’s a way to change the default height/width ratio for the snapshots? I find they tend to be more panoramic than what my MLS system accepts and so there spare space at top and bottom of listing photos.
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Helen private msg quote post Address this user
@Queen_City_3D Set up a 4:3 crop ratio in lightroom crop each one and then they should be perfect.
Matterport is more of a panoramic ratio.
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JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
Here are some tips that I posted in another thread.
clickable text

Originally Posted by JonJ
Hi @abekarapenner,

I do not have first hand knowledge from my clients as to whether or not the quality of retouched Matterport snapshots meet their needs, but I have received a lot of feedback from others that their clients are very happy with the results and that it does appear to be a viable option for those that do not offer traditional photography services. With that being said, I would still encourage you to look at the possibility of learning traditional photography and offering it to your clients to create an additional revenue stream for yourself and add additional value to your clients.

If you decide to continue to offer Matterport Snapshots, here are a few tips to get the best possible results from your Matterport images:

1) In general, lower the height of your tripod so that the middle camera is about 1 meter from the floor. If you need to shoot over furniture or above counter tops and tables, raise the tripod so that the middle camera is at about chest height.

2) Place the camera in the corner of the rooms to get the best compostion for your photos.

3) When taking your snapshots, keep the zoom at the default level. Zooming out creates too much distortion and looks unnatural when viewed as a photograph.

4) When taking your snapshot, try to compose your image so that you are shooting the image from one corner of the room to the other. The majority of the photo should only have 2 walls viewable, but be sure to include a part of a 3rd wall so that the viewer has an idea of the size of the room. Without the 3rd wall, the 2 main walls could be infinitely long.

5) Keep the vertical lines vertical! If necessary you can point the camera down slightly (5-10 degrees) to maintain good proportions with respect to the floor and ceiling ratio.

6) Export the images at the highest resolution possible. The will ensure you have the most photo data possible while editing the image.

I hope the above information helps, but if you have any additional questions, please let me know.

Jon J
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