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2018 is the Year of Google Street View5973

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

360º Video: Matterport Senior Director Product Management Kirk Stromberg, discusses Matterport to Google Street View announcement at Google Street View Summit with We Get Around Network Forum Founder Dan Smigrod on Thursday, 11 May 2017.

Top Row: Video MB14 (left) and Video MB15 (right) | Matterport and Google Street View
Bottom Row: Video MB16 (left) and Video MB17 (right).  Google Street View only


Hi All,

2018 is the Year of Google Street View powered by a seemingly exponential growth in options to shoot and publish to Google Street View.

Google has always had the vision to map the world of indoor and outdoor public spaces. And, make this content accessible via Google Search and Google Maps in the form of Google Street View or Street View for Indoors.

What has changed – within this vision – is enabling anyone, anywhere to publish to Google Maps using a variety of cameras, software and related technologies including:

✓ Street View workflow ready editors, supported by the Street View Publish API - Using any 360º Camera to publish to Google Street View via Panoskin or GoThru Street View workflow ready editors
✓ Street View workflow or mobile ready cameras, with publishing either through third-party apps or the Street View app - 360º Cameras that are certified as Google Street View – and make it easy-peasy to publish to Google Street View. Examples include: Ricoh Theta S and V; NCTech iris360 and Insta360 One.
✓ Direct import/upload via Google Maps or the Street View app (iOS, Android)
✓ Freehand 360 photo capture and publishing via the Street View app (iOS, Android)
✓ Using a third-party service provider such as MP2SV that takes your 360ºs and creates and publishes a Google Street View tour for you

For the We Get Around Network Forum Community, we all are obviously eager to see Matterport to Google Street View publishing in January 2018. Something that was announced at the 2017 Google Street View Summit in Tokyo in May 2017 and first promised as "Coming Summer 2017" then "Winter".

All of these solutions collectively equal the democratization of publishing 360ºs – and 360º Tours - to Google Maps.

In 1Q18 and 2Q18, we will see many cameras and software - previously announced at the 2017 Google Street View Summit - move out of beta testing and into mainstream adoption.

For professional photographers, we will have a choice of cameras, platforms and solutions to enable us to publish to Google Street View to offer our clients the massive reach that Google Search and Google Maps offers to enable our clients to get discovered and begin their new customer journey.

As Matterport Pros, our clients can engage us, to get both Matterport and Google Street View – from a single shoot.

Matterport is a great WOW for a client's website. Plus, the Matterport 3D Tour can include video, text and call-to-action links and the magical dollhouse view.

Google Street View helps your clients' get discovered. Think about how you use Google and Google Maps for searching. Google Street View helps deliver massive numbers of viewers to help your clients' businesses get found.

It's likely that we will find ourselves competing with a photographer that buys a $300 360º 1-click camera that publishes directly to Google Maps. It's up to us to show our clients how we add value (price, quality and service do not count) when they engage us.

The good news about democratization of photographers publishing to Google Street View, will be a dramatic increase in demand for Google Street View tours shot by professionals.

We all are in the right place at the right time.

2018 is the Year of Google Street View.

2018 is the Year of Increased Demand for Google Street View Pros.

2018 is the Year of Increased Demand for 3D Tour Pros.

What do you think?

Happy holidays,


P.S. Get the free use of a lead generation, Google Street View marketing video customized with your contact and company logo. Details ...

Free! Video to Offer Matterport and Google Street View or Google Street View only
Are you a Google Street View Photographer?
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BlairBryngelson private msg quote post Address this user
Amazing information.
Thank you so much for this post
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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
Maybe if Google can...

#1) Improve navigation.

Despite adding links between panos, most windows into Google Street View allow navigation in a Matterport-style manner (pancake navigation) without any regard to walls or connections that a pro has created. Arrow navigation still appears on mobile (which is the easiest way to navigate and not fly through walls from one end of a business to the other with one fateful click).

#2) Launch Street View VR Ready (which will help for #1)

This will add wow factor to GSV for sure. It'll help MSPs market what makes them different from a kid running around with a Ricoh Theta S on his/her head.

#3) Increase visibility of Street View tours by returning them to the infograph (re-add a See Inside feature)

How does an average person figure stumble upon a GSV tour in the first place? It's buried!

#4) Optimize tours

Google do not optimize images that are submitted to GSV. Tours load slower as a result despite Google creating tiles. I will say that Matterport is doing an excellent job with optimizing submitted images (way to go Matterport!!!)

#5) Allow control over start position / thumbnail orientation

If you do find the thumbnail that serves as an entry point, you better hope that the NORTH facing direction of the pano is NOT a wall. If it is, that start location thumbnail is a wall. Or bathroom. Or an irrelevant spot that your client won't be happy about.

#5) Provide Better Admin Tools

GoThru and PanoSkin have performed magic using multiple Google APIs to allow us to feel more in control of the content that is submitted. With Google, we have a tiny column that appears on Google Maps that contain our contributions. This is a bit underwhelming.

It would be wonderful if Local Guides had a proper admin for managing content, seeing analytics in one place, and having tools to control which panos appear in the image listing and the orientation of thumbnails.

#6) Take ownership of your platform

There's little communication from the people who are running the platform and the photographers. I'd love weekly blog posts; vision statements; excitement; seeing GSV announce new cameras that are certified. I'd love this to be turned into a proper platform.


And honestly. My big hope.

Facebook PlacesVR

My big bet / hope is that Facebook launches a competing program wherein we can submit tours to their platform that are integrated into a place's Facebook page.

Imagine ... Matterport + GSV + FPVR. 3 products / services from one shoot.
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72818 3 3
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