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Google Tango is dead... Good thing or bad?5962

Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
I was never all that familiar with Google Tango other than to know that Matterport "Scenes" was using the program, but I saw this article stating that Google is ending Tango for ARCore:

For those of you more educated on this than me (which is probably most of you)... how does (or does this even) impact the daily life of MSPs?
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Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
I personally feel zero impact from this announcement. If the idea of using a phone with depth sensors was ever a potential threat to our camera investment, now that has gone away.
The market wasn’t ready for it, and Apple will likely succeed in a few years when it’ll release its iPhone XII, or whatever, with rear facing scanner. Just my thought.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with Tosolini, I see a lot of threads that talk about tools(camera, scanners, phones or sensors) that are great tools for what they are designed for and are mentioned in the forum that have nothing to do with building true 3D virtual models that would provide us something usable. Again good tools for what they are designed for. I see project Tango as a great tool if it would have been finished, but I think several developers are taking the concept and running with it. But again not a tool that would impact Matterport.
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
3D Sensors on phones = Underpowered devices serving very niche applications.

ARCore = Appealing to the masses and making the best of what we currently have. It's a lot like Cardboard that put very basic VR in everyone's hands with a low entry-price.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I normally do not disagree with you metroplex360, but was just given a demo by a IPhone 8 that did a 3D model of a 10000 square foot business in about 20 minutes with accuracy to a 1/4 inch depending on the closing loop of the walk thru. Which included both the inside and outside of the business. This was with a basic IPhone 8. I would have agreed with you before this demo and now believe Google Project Tango was a jumping board for the technology for several platforms. I also believe that with the right software or apps phones would work. So I see others are using it and developing it so why would Google continue to invest in the project. I do agree that the ARCore as you speak of is not only appealing to the masses but is also helping the developers. As I mentioned in an earlier post I think this is good technology that is good to great for what it is designed for. I am seeing this technology for other services I am just not finding it expanding in the field we are focused on or most of us focused on which is providing a 3D modeling service providing the best product whether it is for Real Estate, business, advertising or architectural services. Just my thoughts.
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@ron0987 I'd love to see the demo. This makes me think of the Cupix platform, which I am extremely excited about. Cupix uses photogrammetry to create a 3D environment and automatically link panos together into a tour. Without 3D sensors, this is the only way.

I could imagine using video to shoot a walkthrough and software taking individual frames to generate a very accurate 3D model using photogrammetry.

For some good reading, check out this cool program that can take a sequence of JPG images and render out a 3D model:
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