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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A WGAN Forum Member writes (and my reply).

Happy holidays,



Hi Dan

We’ve had enough MP work that it has paid for the camera and then some….we use it as one more tool in our box.

A developer client, has a new building in an urban city, depressed…..10,000 sq ft as you can see below.

Besides doing High End real estate videos, we offer MP.

I told the agent that we could RIG out the space with floors, ceiling, walls and furniture. Obviously, there is the cost, so maybe if we took a corner, we could do that.

For them, it is always about the cost, so maybe an example so they can promote that to perspective buyers.

So my question is this……it has been a long time since I’ve gone online to submit questions and observations…..and the times have changed….just looking at your website….there are more companies that you promote.

Who should I contact and find out….full 10,000 sq ft rigging, or a corner ?

Ideas and cost ?

Who should I reach out to ?

Thanks Dan



Hello Redacted,

Thank you for reaching out. Congrats on the Matterport ROI working for you. And, congrats your developer client).

Please do read the WGAN Forum everyday There are "only" 42,000 posts among 5,600 topics to get caught-up on over a beer or three ... ...

Here are three high quality – low cost – solutions:

1. Blue-Sketch - virtual staging (2D and 3D Options)
2. Photo Sparc - virtual staging (2D and 3D Options)
3. Photo Space - 3D Model powered by Archilogic
4. Beta from Archilogic

If you join as a WGAN Basic, Standard or Premium Member, here are special savings for Members for the above ...

Photo Sparc (in beta; free)

I encourage you to price based on the value to the client: not based on that they are easy, fast and super-affordable solutions. It would take your client days to research and do on their own. Charge $$$ for your expertise (and then

If your client wants a higher end solution, then take a look at:


For other solutions, please see the 3rd Party Services tab (above).

Happy holidays,

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RGO private msg quote post Address this user
Outstanding Dan...greatly appreciated. I do click and read....but what we are doing with high end realty video work, there have been few reasons to join in a conversation. I do see people out there doing video. We have upgraded our toys, tools to the latest technology and the work is there. MP is still not a big part of what we do. I am hoping to knock this one out of the park to use it as a promo - demo to our other developers. Local agents are a tough sell....too little time here and now to explain them. So we have moved on to developers.

Most appreciative for the full outline on where to go. You were the only person I knew could direct us. I'll report back later on where it took us.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for the additional backstory (and kind note).

Please do start new discussions about your high-end reality video work. We (all) would to see examples of what you are doing. Many WGAN Forum Members do video - and high-end video.

You can always crowd-source answers by posting to the WGAN Forum. Many, many talented peers here that can answer questions like your

Enjoy your weekend,

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RGO private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Dan

Here are a couple of MP scans we did that include interviews, Links to other buildings, and text & Images of a multi million dollar school addition.

This is from a waterfront Villa in the Bahamas. We were actually successful in getting the MP outdoors and down to the beach....where you'll see two TAGS that contain Time Lapse Sunset video and the other, visually demonstrates the flexibility, usage, coastal beauty and island fun of the fleet of three Boston Whalers they provide customers who stay at the villa.

We've also just completed the first video for them, under the direction of the owner. Her response was, "Bravo". We were brought in after her original video producer, created a video she did not like.

We have found that individual real estate agents are very reluctant to spend money for high end productions, So we have moved towards developers and only homes that are 7 figures.

We have invested in lots of technology that allows us to create cinematic productions for clients. We are FAA Certified to fly commercial drones. The investment in is never ending as well as the time it takes to sharpen your production skills. For us, it is paying off.

Matterport is but one more tool we use. Even with our unhappy views from people in the weeds trying to make MP work and be viable across the spectrum of those that should use it, we believe that it is still the best technology out there. So we say to those of you who fight the fight to get MP to make your DREAM WISH LIST real, fight that fight as we benefit as well.
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