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Matterport->Architech: OBJ-SKP-PTS-DWG-Other5913

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A Member of the WGAN Forum writes (below).



Good evening Dan,

Have an architect trying to use the obj to do a renovation drawing. My understanding is it needs to be converted. I seem to recall when i first joined that you guys would convert the obj to be used for Revit. I have requested the point cloud from Matterport and am waiting on it to see if that helps.

New to this application so trying work through the process. Appreciate any help you can offer.

BTW, just received my Theta V. Actually is very cool. Biggest problem so far is keeping it connected to the phone app.



Hello Redacted,

Thanks for reaching out ..

Congrats on your architect client. That's great ...

Three Questions

1. What software application is the architect using? Autodesk Revit? SketchUp, Autodesk 3D Max? Autodesk Maya?

2. What file format would your architect client like to receive the data? .obj / .skp / .pts / .dwg / .rvt

3. What would the architect like to accomplish using the Matterport data for the renovation project? Sketches for the architect's clients and/or finished construction drawings?

By understanding the answer to these three questions, it will help me recommend a solution that is right for you and your architect client.

In the mean time, hare are some WGAN Forum related discussions that are tagged:


Also, here are some specific discusses in the WGAN Forum that relate to your questions:

Convert Matterport to AutoCAD

Some additional backstory that may be helpful:

We Get Around FloorMe Extreme: Matterport Meets SketchUp File for Easy, Fast and Affordable 3D Modeling
We Get Around Our FloorMe Floor Plan Service Created From the Matterport 3D Showcase Object File

Here are some WGAN Members that offer related solutions in the AEC Space that you should check out:


Since you are a We Get Around Network Standard Member, you receive savings on services provided by these We Get Around Premium Members.

Happy holidays,


P.S. The short answer is that it is likely that the architect needs either a .SKP or .RVT file. There are more than one 3rd Party Service Provider that offers this Matterport Object File to SKP and/or RVT conversion service, including We Get Around.
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Windsor, UK
leonvanzweel private msg quote post Address this user
With regards to your problem with your Ricoh Theta V. I had the same problem with the iphone app disconnecting at a very short range ie about 2 meters. My Ricoh Theta S is good for about 20 meters. Enough distance to hide out of sight. Could not hide with the Theta V, In the end, I returned the camera as unfit for purpose.
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