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Roundme integration with Matterport5882

DoriN private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everybody,

I'm new to this community and very excited to start my own MSP business.
I'm looking for a way to make a panoramic tour (with pano pic taken from DJI Mavic), with a matterport showcase inside - now i know that theres but I'm looking for something like Roundme tour.
Is there a way to embed a Matterport showcase in Roundme panoramic tour?
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bar_garbi private msg quote post Address this user
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Bycha private msg quote post Address this user
I too am interested in other alternatives to I have done the matterport panoramic tour ex: but other platforms will expand my knowledge of how to best market the differences. Sorry that I didn't have an answer to your initial question.
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WP3D Models
ThreeSixty Tours
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all...Ross here from & WP3D Models.

@DoriN - Is there anything that we can help you with re: using ThreeSixty Tours (TST) & our Matterport integration? Any questions we can answer?

@Bycha - Thanks for your recent posts and shared (& branded) examples using ThreeSixty Tours. We're excited to see how people are using TST to market properties/developments/neighborhoods/etc. Like you've been doing in your work, leveraging aerial imagery & TST is a great way to visually explain the proximity of various properties to landmarks/etc. Have you considered offering the provided embed codes to your clients to embed on their own websites?

We have also built in full integration of WP3D Models with TST, so you can easily create single page sites using TST content in the "banner" or "hero" area and then supplement with additional content/video/etc.

We're in the process of releasing our "2D" integration with TST as well, making it possible to use non-360 imagery to create area maps or other types of "tours" or facility floorplans to further demonstrate how a place is laid out. You'll now be able to connect panoramas and/or Matterport content to a 2D or 360 panoramas. If you're a current user of TST please reach out to have this beta feature added now, or you can just wait for its (very soon) release.

If anyone has specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!
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Helen private msg quote post Address this user
@rpetersn Interested in the 2D integration, one of the reasons I have not signed up yet is due to not much aerial going on in the winter to create aerial 360's with 2D I would be able to use maps or photos I already have. Looking forward to you rolling it out!
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