Video: ERS Premier Ad Launch featuring San Francisco-based environscan3D @DougTse

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This video (above) features environscan3D in San Francisco | @DougTse

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P.S. Here is the text from YouTube ...

"Invelop is the premier choice of commercial and residential clients for 3D Showcases."

"We are introducing "immersive imagery" to the St. Louis Area, which combines high definition imagery with 3D Showcases."

"We provide clients with the ability to render any space – interior and/or exterior – into a 3 dimensional digital model that can be viewed and manipulated from almost all internet browsers."

"Combining this unique perspective of 3-dimensional views, along with high definition aerial video and photos of external environments, will allow anyone to immerse themselves into the space to the point where they are able to translate their visual experience into the feeling of actually being at and inside the space being viewed."

Source: YouTube Channel for environscan3D Doug Tse