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Virtual Staging For Matterport5799

foxwrth13 private msg quote post Address this user
I looked at the previous posts and was wondering if there was anything new in the area for staging a vacant Matterport space
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JakeRees private msg quote post Address this user
What up @foxwrth13
Your above statement was what I was promised would be ready within 6 months of buying my camera back in 2014... I have made several angry phone calls and messages on this topic alone. Last I heard was give it another year, which Im sure will be the same answer you would get if you call them today.

I heard from some others that this is something that was way harder then they initially thought by a factor of about 500, and the dev cost and time involved would make a serious dent in their overall growth, so they just stopped talking about it and removed it from any and all marketing (I'm not sure if I still have the flyer that they said they could do this, I will have to look). Have to take everything with a grain of salt though.

As far as your options to stage a vacant matterport space- I dont believe there currently are any options.

If you find something, definitely let us know!
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JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
This is something that can be done. Does this satisfy your requirements?

Jon J
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JakeRees private msg quote post Address this user
Off topic question- Has Archiologic found a solution to the multistory properties yet? as in being able to have 1 floor on top of another- just currious, as I know they where working on this at some point.

And just my 2 cents, you would be better off doing the house rendering in archilogic rather than the matterport mesh. Cool proof of concept though!
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foxwrth13 private msg quote post Address this user
I looked at that and it's what they would want in concept but this will be for an apartment building so I believe they would want something more polished as it is being shown to potential renters. The sharpness of the space would outweigh the furniture placement. I think it looks great though
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3rd Party
Dom private msg quote post Address this user
@foxwrth13 @JakeRees @JonJ thanks for the comments and possible solutions!

JonJ's approach is mainly used for commercial properties where the functional aspects are more important than bringing things together visually. Combining a Matterport mesh with our furniture library produces a correct result (i.e. everything is to scale), but of course the visuals are totally different. Here's a how to for doing that.

Multistory: yes, that's possible! Here's an example of a multistory single-family home:

These types of models nearly always require careful attention of a 3D artist, and therefore we don't offer this workflow ourselves currently, but via our Certified Partners. For models like the one above I can recommend Truss - they do an awesome job. You can also combine this with photogrammetry and equirectangular panoramas to reproduce the environment, view from each window, etc. If you have the data of course.

We are working on adding multi-story support for our Basic Models and I will let you know when we're ready.

Make sure to check out the Demo Folder where you can find all the samples for what we currently offer.

And of course, don't hesitate to DM me if you have questions to discuss.

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