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New Listing Platform for Real Estate Agents5797

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Hi All,

If you are a real estate agent, what do you think of this new listing platform for real estate agents (To see an example listing, look for the section, Powerful Modern Listing Tools, and click on VIEW DEMO.

14-day free trial. Then, $9.99 monthly membership for unlimited listings and you can cancel at any time.

And, the platform supports:

Matterport 3D Tours
✓ Photos
✓ YouTube 360º Video
✓ Map location
✓ and plans to support Facebook live streaming within the listing

Your thoughts?



P.S. Are you a photographer? There is an affiliate program for photographers to offer this platform to your real estate agents. I signed up to see how this referral program works.
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LMTLESS private msg quote post Address this user
Just curious... why would I use this (or suggest others to) in addition to WP3D and all the great work I am doing on that platform for the realtors I service? I am selling how I am building a platform to do all the same things (besides FB live streaming). Just curious on what others think and see if maybe I am missing something.
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OpenHouseOptics private msg quote post Address this user
As an agent I think you won't get a lot of agents who pay to get on a limited platform (with regards to how much traffic it will get) when they are paying for MLS syndication already and it goes to Zillow and which are by far the most viewed sites for home buyers. Statistically, the top 5% of agents in any given market are the ones doing 95% of the listings so most agents simply won't have the inventory to support this kind of investment. It's a very nice set up though...I do like it.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Yes. We use WP3D Models too. I could imagine that this new platform for real estate agents might appeal to agents that use Matterport, but do not have Wordpress sites.


Is it about having a branded listing to share with a client and prospects rather than the traffic?

Happy holidays,

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OpenHouseOptics private msg quote post Address this user

A little of both really. Each listing is branded to the listing agent on every listing site that it's on but my pitch for WP3D is that this site has lead capture that goes directly to you and I push the agents to use only that link on social media. Although the only site that I am aware of that really gives agents competition on their own listing is Zillow (unless you work for a company with a non-compete agreement, such as Keller Williams) it's still a big deal because buyers freaking love them some Zillow.

The new platform looks great, there is no doubt about's just that there are so few agents in any given market who carry enough listing volume that it would be cost effective for them to buy into. I'm totally not trying to be a Debby Downer but WP3D Models offer such a solid branding platform for agents (if its features are fully used and it's a good tool for the 95% of agents without high listing volume. I didn't happen to see if it had this though, it may be more appealing if it also held the pending and sold listings from the agent with data like "Days on Market". For me, it would be a big deal because my listings typically outperform the market.

I hope that's helpful.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

I could imagine this platform is NOT about how many agents/traffic; rather a way for a real estate agent/broker to have a place to host and share their branded tours.


I could also imagine that this platform may be helpful to those that do not have a Wordpress hosted website (that then can take advantage of WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin).

Happy holidays,

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