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A long-time Matterport Pro writes ...5795

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A long-time Matterport Pro and Member of the Forum writes about why [s/he] will now only scan for [him/her]self.

Your thoughts?



I quote 15 cent psf

1000 square foot condo is $150 bucks

2000 square foot house is $ 300

I need to dress, go, park the car, trim model, upload, keep a website, book keeper, accountant.

[redacted] in my market are now down to $0.0675 That's 6 and 3 quarter cents per square as a loss leader with Matterport

they quote 3000 square foot at 249 the discount.

I cannot compete

I will keep my existing camera and produce tours for myself or when requested
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GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
The average rate is .10 with upsells for listing website, social media and YouTube with SEO. Some upsell hosting

.0675? Go look at one. Camera seen in the mirrors, no outside look with the front door open? No outiside shots using skill rather than the 360? Overall craftsmanship is the equivalent of your first week?

Next is you are not marketing yourself fully. Do you have a google my business account with 20+ reviews? Reviews on Facebook yelp and other sites? Does your Facebook have a stream of posts showing those reviews?

Now step back as customers do. Who do they choose? The half assed rookie job for less that doesn’t offer marketing tools and doesn’t show they can market themselves or the higher priced higher skill level that has the tools to market your listing but by looking at their business online they already prove they know how to own their market online. Just like a home seller evaluates an agent on their ability to market outside the box as an indication they will do the same for their listing so too does the agent evaluate you. If all you have is the same output as the rookie Matterport clicker then you are in trouble. If you integrate the things here at WGA then you should market yourself as having these things. When someone brings price up? “As a matter of fact Mr. or Mrs. client if I did only what they do I would charge .05”

The internet is the great equalizer. If your marketing is right you won’t let lowball deals bother you. Get your online presense up, get your craftsmanship up and show off the extras you offer, develop strategic relationships then repeat that 20 Times so you have a lot of ponds to fish from and get those reviews in and clients won’t see the other person. If you think I’m wrong then PM me and I’ll review your business and show you. FYI not selling anything just offering free advice to anyone like this person who is feeling this way.

Sorry for typos or autosuggests. The power is out and I have no candles :-)
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
what Glenn said. I was going to spout off about [redacred] [redacteds] but his post is more useful.
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jasondavidpage private msg quote post Address this user
The original poster is forgetting a key fact. His clients don't care about "... dress, go, park the car, trim model, upload, keep a website, bookkeeper, accountant..."

If you're too proud to lower your standard and pricing, then find a real difference between what you have to offer from your competition. Show why you're different because the Matterport system is designed for anyone to use, so the ability to make 3D scans is moot. HOW do you do things differently? WHAT do you provide that your competition cannot? WHY should an agent or client select to pay 2.2 times the amount for what anyone can do?

Add value to your price rather than compete on savings.

My competition was in my market before I entered (by about 3 months) and was priced at 10 cents. Naturally, I jumped in to add 3D as an add on to my real money maker, photography. I priced it the same as my competition, and then they thought they would win my clients over by dropping down to my photography rate (at the time 5 cents) and proving inferior Matterport snapshots along with the 3D. I still manage to have a dedicated client base that pays my current rate of 7 cents for photos and now 7 cents for Matterport. He's the one losing out now because he has to spend the same amount of time on site for a third the price. He tried going up on his rate and the agents he quoted 7 cents to came over to me because of my experience, staging advice, and the fact I include WP3D with every scan instead of just a boring Matterport link.

DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF. Your liabilities are of no concern to your clients and treat your business's main component with the mindset that anyone can do it as good or better than you.
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
I'm going hourly for my Fall pricing. As much as I'd love to charge $0.10/Sq Ft, people aren't buying it.

My inquiries now want $0.05/ Sq Ft if the bach at my traditional pricing. I've spent far too much time quoting for agents and possibly competition. I have the talents being a member with Dan for a couple years now. I offer other services that pay more consistently than Matterport.

Agents are cheap, my competition shows more models now because they opened up to Outsource Companies I refused to work for at such low rates. Maybe those models were used for their own advertising.

I hate the "Harvard Number Crunch" mentality of doing more volume cheaply over quality craftsmanship. Holding my ground to shoot 1 quality shoot in a week vs 4 or 5 budget scans has some worry as to what my brand and style will look like for future customers.

It's just for Fall, so we'll see where this goes. Something I could try when I didn't invest in the Pro2. I don't feel the model is offering that much better of images (especially once they're uploaded back online) and clients don't care that the swivel could move 5-6 seconds faster or has a GPS coordinate pinned to the image.

@GlennTremain - "with upsells" & "Some upsell hosting .0675?"- You hit the pricing on the nose where we all bitched about low ballers entering our market this past summer. This is how it's being done by the other guys.

My angles of excitement for this product continue to mutate.

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AYODELE private msg quote post Address this user
Nice advice there @glenntremain. What you pump into the game is what you get out.
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