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What Wordpress "Theme" are you using?5774

VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Wordpreas users. What Wordpress "Theme" are you using for your site? I'm aware of "plug-in's", but looking for a new theme to park them on.

Names of theme is helpful and a link to your shared site may help more so I can see how it functions.

Thanks in advance.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

While not exactly what you asked, you may find helpful for researching Wordpress meets Matterport Service Providers:

Guide to Matterport Service Provider Pricing curated by We Get Around

The Guide includes links to 100+ Matterport Service Providers (and deep links to their pricing pages)

As a WGAN Basic Member, you get free access to this Guide.

I will Private Message you the Password.


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srennick private msg quote post Address this user
@VTLV I use Avada.
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
I'm going with Divi elegant themes, see
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JakeRees private msg quote post Address this user
@meshImages has it right- Divi is the best and simplest builder, that has the versatility to build just about any site you would want.
I'm also a big fan of Concrete, but its an alternative to word press not a theme.
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
I'll take a look at these and see how they can work for me. Thank you for sharing!!
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
@srennick - I like this Avada theme. At $60 it appears to offer all of your pages to have a customized look. Where the free Wordpress themes offer a main page customization and blank pages thereafter with no page builder. Would I be correct here in my thinking?

The customized pages are what I am looking for to have a more up to date look.

@MeshImages & @JakeRees - Divi looks a bit overwhelming at 1st, but not bad for those of us who know what we're doing after a few tries. I'm not crazy abut paying $80/yr with their 10% off offer via chat. However, $224 for lifetime isn't horrible with their plugins and lifetime access to change out just about anything on unlimited websites.

You guys offered some great insights here I need to weigh out for advertising vs more gear before the year ends. Thank you!
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JakeRees private msg quote post Address this user
I actually started with the $80 bucks a year plan and then bought the lifetime- I ended up selling websites to some people so it just made sense. But the cool thing is they take that off the top if you buy before your subscription is out- so it would be like 159 when they don't have a sale(I think its normally 250)if you went the yearly to lifetime.

It seems much more complex than it is. I have taught 70 year olds how to use it- the new live build out page is really the only reason I recommend it. Being able to actually see how it looks while you are adding everything saves some much time.
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srennick private msg quote post Address this user
@vtlv...sorry for the delay. I was off for a bit. The avada theme has tons of demo pages that you can bring in to your site then customize. I spent time customizing pages then duplicating many of them to get a consistent look.
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
@srennick - Thank you for sharing that Avada can be customized as well.

I opted for the Divi lifetime license today at $187 vs the $224 they offered last week. I host about 20 websites and the Divi is allowed for unlimited websites where the Avada license would be good for one website for one year.

Both Divi and Avada are offering Cyber Monday offers this week. After purchasing Divi, I see that Avada dropped the price this week to $39... Oops. Check them out guys if you are considering these options. Thank you everyone for your input. Shout out to: @MeshImages, @srennick, @JakeRees & @DanSmigrod.

5 days left

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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
For a more modern, clean, simple site with a nice sitebuilder experience (that's not an overwhelming, unoptimized kitchen sink), I suggest trying MAKE.

I used this on many many sites for a long time as it unlocked quite a bit of creativity. As I have a long background in web development, my needs are different from many and I quite like a clean canvas with the theme setting up a structure, fonts, mobile responsiveness, etc -- while staying out of the way on design and page layout. I now use the following two:
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