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Single Page Website5772

abekarapenner private msg quote post Address this user
Hello, I am going to do a presentation at a realtors office in a few days, and I already use WP3D. I like the idea of a single page website because it is clean and nice, but how do you sell it to realtor?

I am just wondering what are some of the biggest benefits to having single page websites and why would realtors need them. I will be gathering your advice for my presentation.
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GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
you may want to search the forums as there has been a lot written. First, you can show the property in a multi dimensional way and sellers like their home to be treated special there is a lot here that will wow the agent, which wows the client.

Its social friendly. Attach the teaser in facebook and link to this you are giving buyers a catching presentation.

Next is that the agent will buy a new car before they will stop using their first scan. They can farm markets using this....will attract buyers and sellers.

Much much more.
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fullpreview private msg quote post Address this user

Benefits of a Single Page Website:

1. Advertising outside of the MLS so that you can attract buyers without the assistance of another Realtor and, thus, make the entire commission yourself.

2. Facebook Facebook Facebook - posting and promoting through Facebook is far better accomplished with a Single Property Website

3. Pixel visitors - a single page website may contain multiple pixels so that you can inject a pixel that the Realtor uses and the Realtor can track people who have visited the Single Property Website - by doing so they can retarget those people specifically as buyers for that property OR an alternate one

4. Impressing those buyers that may ALSO need to sell. The Single Property Website shows off how that Realtor can do amazing things for Sellers, thus gaining listings.

These are just four, but it should help you create a strong value for Single Property websites.
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srennick private msg quote post Address this user
@fulllpreview I too have WP3D Models. Can you flesh out #3 above and tell us the process. Thanks!
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Much thanks!

For those seeking examples of Single Property Websites, here are some We Get Around Atlanta did powered by WP3D Models with address specific website URLs (vanity URLs) powered by GoDaddy (how to video).


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fullpreview private msg quote post Address this user

I knew this one was coming, yet wasn't sure who would take on this next level type of benefit. Actually, you might see Dan do a segment on this because it will become proliferated as more service providers and realtors fully grasp "pixel power".

First, the basis of this is primarily the Wordpress + Facebook + the plugins WP3D Models + PixelYourSite

Assuming we are all using Wordpress with WP3D models, the next step is to set up a Facebook business account and create a pixel specifically for the website you use with WP3D models.

Then you'll have to purchase the inexpensive plugin PixelYourSite and the Super Pack. You need the Super Pack because this makes it easy to put additional pixels (for example, pixels a Realtor uses with their facebook account so they can create their own audiences).

Once you use the PixelYourSite plugin to insert the Facebook pixels, every time a person touches that WP3D models single property website - tag your it! Facebook gotchya!

Then, you or a Realtor (preferred) can "create an audience" in Facebook so that you can make ads that only get delivered to the exact people in that audience - the very people looking at the Single Property Page. So, you can bring buyers back to the same page or you can send them somewhere else to grab their business with an alternate property or offer, like a buyer rebate, etc.

I realize this is really skimming over this and it is not real "instructional", but that would take some proper dedication to make a full tutorial.

Here is an 8 minute "quickie" for you to get started. It may appear complicated, yet it really is NOT once you take it in small bites. I hope this helps.
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srennick private msg quote post Address this user
@fullpreview that was GREAT! Thanks so much. I will get to work and become more familiar with using pixels. I have created and used one with a Facebook ad but did not explore the full capabilities. If I can articulate all that this is to my clients, it will revolutionize how I have been doing business with my agents, who ARE NOT tech saavy. Thanks again-Sherry
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JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
Great info @fullpreview! Thanks for sharing.
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