Video: 3D Florida Properties | Kissimmee, Florida

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This video (above) promotes 3D Florida Properties in Kissimmee, Florida | James Aguilar | @FloridaProperties

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P.S. Here is the text from YouTube ...

"If you’re trying to sell, rent or showcase your client’s piece of prized Florida real estate, know that 80% of buyers or clients won’t set foot inside without seeing it online first."

"Want to blow them away? List it on 3D Florida Properties."

"Home, hotel, restaurant, retailer, office or even a venue—your online immersive 3D space experience is your secret weapon, 24-hour open house."

"With the ‘Dollhouse Model’ 3D Florida Properties gives you a 3D floor plan where viewers can experience your space, room-by-room, floor-by-floor—as if they’re there."

"If a picture says a thousand words, what do you think a 3D Virtual Tour can do? Order now and get more buyer eyes on your client’s property!"

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Source: 3D Florida Properties on YouTube