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Matterport AprilTags for Empty or Repetitive Spaces

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Matterport Client Newsletter Wed 6 Sept 2017

More Info on Matterport AprilTags.

Originally Posted by Metroplex360

So on the subject of April Tags... this integration really surprises me as Matterport has chosen to integrate an industry recognized method for tagging at the expense of having QR codes hanging in a tour. It's kinda quirky!

I absolutely LOVE options and that Matterport has served a niche market (CRE / Industrial) by adding this OPTIONAL FEATURE.

It's only RARELY necessary to use this, but when an MSP decides that this is the right choice, they can create AprilTag sheets and hang them on walls -- perhaps framing them rather than just taping to a wall.

With the introduction of AprilTags comes a new reason to dream of Matterport giving us the ability to edit our images to remove them in post.

Other Announcements

Multiple Accounts in Capture - FANTASTIC! I've been advocating for this and am happy to see it!

Behind the Scenes with Damien

Originally Posted by DamienMatterport
Matterport has a solid core product. We’re always working to improve the technology, but in coming months our product and engineering team will be focused on expanding our platform’s capabilities to ensure what we offer is in every way an end-to-end system - from capturing, to editing, and even distributing a Space. We are working on new features across all fronts which will really transform the customer experience at any touchpoint with Matterport. Beyond that, we are also working to create SDKs which strategic partners and developers in our ecosystem can use to build complementary tools and experiences for our customers. We truly believe in the creativity of our ecosystem and customers, and are looking forward to what we can achieve together.

- Confirmed SDK delivery in the by inclusion in carefully written paragraph containing 'coming months'.

Originally Posted by DamienMatterport
We have worked hard to keep a finger on the pulse of the community in terms of our customers’ needs. To ensure what we’re building and developing is useful, we conduct surveys, focus groups, and work closely with active users to get feedback and input. Of course, building a good product also means having vision to evolve and build the product in ways which continue to push the envelope. We continue to make important investments in our core technology and are also investing substantially in computer vision and deep learning expertise capabilities. It’s important to ensure our platform continues to be cutting edge and provides maximum value to our customers.

Well -- I'm certain that this is true, but would love to mention a few of the things I've been requesting and that others have been requesting.

#1) White labelled tours (international users)
#2) Extraction of Panos in full quality
#3) Ability to edit and reupload panos to remove reflections and ... AprilTags
#4) 'Return to Inside View' button front and center on 360 Views and perhaps MatterTags for 360 Views.

If you have used Matterport AprilTags, can you comment on your experience using them?