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3D ShowcaseMultiple FloorsNavigationproblem

Basement merged with Main Floor?565

Jake private msg quote post Address this user
On Friday I shot a 3-story house. The home has a main floor and a second floor. There is also a room below the main floor that is accessed via the deck staircase outside.

I was able to create thee separate floors in the the Capture App, and even managed to "walk" the tour out the kitchen door, a few steps across the deck and down the exterior staircase. Even so, I was surprised that everything worked when I uploaded the tour -- almost.

When viewing the dollhouse mode and walkthrogh navigation, you can see that there are 3 distinct floors and you're able to navigate them correctly. But when viewing the floorplan, it merges the basement and main floor into one level. The same is true in the Workshop.

Any ideas how to separate these? I tried making a small edit and then re-uploading the tour, but no dice.

Here's the tour:
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GeertCab private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Jake,

Same problem here... I had it with a room on the 2nd floor that kept showing on the 1st floor.

Never got it to work. I've tried re-uploading several times. Triple checked my scan in capture. Strangest part of it all. When i re-uploaded it was fine. As soon as I entered the workshop it changed back to how it shouldn't be.

Hope there's a solution for this.
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MDuff private msg quote post Address this user
I see to get to the basement you had to go outside and down the stairs. In your Dollhouse view, it looks a though the sliding door near the kitchen is open, but in the Walk Through mode,it is closed. Could that be your problem? The door is closed and it has created a barrier to getting outside. I can't quite tell if I'm seeing it correctly. Just a thought.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I had the same issue, I went in and found my trim lines on one floor were totally off, I corrected the trim lines and reloaded the model and it fixed it. Just a though.

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Jake private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the input guys. I received this response from Matterport:

Each time you upload a model, a new model is created in your portal account. The good news is the re-uploads of existing models do not count against your monthly plan.

A little insight into the multi floor feature, the software which determines how to display the levels does not actually use the level designations you assign during the scanning process, (those are specifically to assist with scanning and alignment), but rather determines the floors by evaluating the geometry of the structure. While this generally works well, it is occasionally incorrect.

Engineering is aware of these occasional issues, and is investigating various improvements. While an specific release date has not yet been set we are targeting late September. The primary options at this point would be to keep the model as is, ( and retain the other benefits of the multi-floor feature) or to disable the multi-floor feature.

To turn off multi floor insert the query parameter &f=0 at the end of your link.

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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