Hi All,

Imagine mashing up Matterport plus a shopping experience, using Embed.ly to embed Amazon, for example.

I could imagine Matterport AI mashed up with shopping links.

I could also imagine a Matterport Mixed Reality experience that mashes up Matterport VR with the real world ...

What do you think about Matterport integrated with shopping?

Here's some inspiration on this topic ...

VentureBeat (23 October 2017) ODG, Mastercard, and Qualcomm show off augmented reality shopping

"Augmented reality may be a big part of the future of shopping. Mastercard, Osterhout Design Group, and Qualcomm have created a prototype retail experience that incorporates augmented reality glasses, iris authentication, and seamless mobile payments."

"The exhibit is meant to get companies and consumers excited about the potential of AR to reshape the way we shop."

"The tech showcase will be displayed with Saks Fifth Avenue clothing at the Money2020 event in Las Vegas from October 23 to 25. The exhibit is meant to show off the full shopping experience, from browsing inventory to making secure payments."

Source: VentureBeat