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Hi All,

Can someone try this and report back here?

How to Create an aerial Panorama from Google Earth
Example of a Panorama Created from Google Earth

Assuming that this works fine, this would be a great way to add an aerial 360º to ThreeSixty Tours to then add:

✓ 360º photo spheres (panoramas) via embedding
✓ 360º videos via embedding (host 360º videos on YouTube or Vimeo)
✓ Matterport Spaces 3D Tours
✓ Videos
✓ Photos
✓ Shopping (eCommerce)
✓ Text
✓ Annotate and connect 360º panoramas

ThreeSixty Tours is a new product from the creators of WP3D Models. ThreeSixty Tours is a platform to view and share one or more 360º photo spheres and 360º videos (via embedding) and additional content such as listed above.

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