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thanks for connecting! I’m based in [redacted]. I’m interested in getting behind 3D/vr for my businesses. I own [redacted] and can see synergy being able to offer a product like this for clients. My questions are:

I came across your website and like it. Do you represent any one piece of software like Matterport or others or provide a platform? I’ve seen Matterport and am very impressed but the price is much higher than other companies. Is it worth it to buy the camera or can I get something comparable using another platform?

How hard is it to use the technology if I wanted to train myself to do this?
What are rates for NY Photographers and Videographers as a ballpark to shoot this?

I also like to learn more about your site.

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Hello [redacted],

Thanks for connecting and reaching out ...

I encourage you to join the (free) We Get Around Network Forum and ask your questions there ...

While We Get Around owns a Matterport Camera, we do not sell Matterport Cameras or the Matterport Cloud software.

I encourage you to take the Quiz: Should I buy a Camera? (We Get Around Network Forum Members get the free use of this quiz.) Based on your responses, I make recommendations for Matterport and other solutions.

WGAN Forum Members also receive a free 38 page Guide that compares Matterport to immoviewer, iGuide, InsideMaps and Realvision.

You also might find our list of 70+ 360º 1-click Cameras of interest.

About training, many We Get Around Training Academy Videos are free to watch.

If you would like an All Access Pass to watch other WGAN Training Videos - including 90 minutes on scanning with Matterport and two hours of using Matterport Workshop (post production) - Join as a We Get Around Network Standard Member which includes around 40 Membership Benefits to succeed faster, including the free use of two Content Management Systems that work with Matterport, 360º photos/videos, videos, and other digital assets: WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin and ThreeSixty Tours.




P.S. About what do Matterport Pros charge - or Matterport pricing strategies - the Guide to Matterport Service Provider Pricing includes direct links to the pricing pages of 100+ Matterport Pros. This is included in the All Access Pass. Plus, last week, we did six hours on Matterport pricing strategies. These videos are available with the All Access Pass.