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Here's an outdoor tour I'd like to share form a beach shoot in San Diego over the weekend using Cupix. The shoot took about 17 minutes according to the timestamp on the files. My plan was to simply go for a swim then hustle over to an alumni event an hour later. Instead I decided to take some photos. I got wet, the tripod got sandy, and when I finished I took a swim. PTGui wasn't necessary because I was using Ricoh Theta. I uploaded the photos to Cupix and out popped a tour.

The Balance sheet:

The Tour (link below):

You have to hit this link to view the tour ... MARINE ROOM BEACH CUPIX TOUR LINK
(try it on your mobile device, PC or Mac, or with VR Google Cardboard goggles, it works there too).

The shoot, outdoors and in public:
Since this was shot starting at 8:58 in the morning, there weren't too many people walking around. If I'm shooting in public and I notice someone walking towards me I let them know that I'm "taking photos" or "making a map" and that I'm in no rush: every time I do this they will smile and continue on their way. I set my Ricoh Theta for 2-second delay, and tried to keep my finger dry before hitting the shutter button. I was using a lightweight throw-away tripod from Savers rigged with a ball mount.

The waves:
When shooting outdoors, I'll try to make the extra effort to walk out of the view of the camera, but sometimes if I am in an open area I'll position myself in the same location when I trigger the photo and stand or sit naturally. When I was on the beach and in the water I didn't want a wave to dump my camera into the ocean so I held on tight while ducking below the camera. The water temp was a warm 68°.

Getting Cupix:
Use your LinkedIn or Facebook account to get access while we're in beta at Or, send me a PM with your email, or email me directly at and I'll get you an account without having to use your email address. Pricing is not finalized so for now you can create as many tours as you want during the beta because it's completely free.

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